Rakuten Marketing CTO, Dr. Neal Richter, was honored with the IAB Tech Lab Service Excellence Award  for his outstanding industry achievements and contributions.

Our very own Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Dr. Neal Richter, has been awarded with an IAB Tech Lab Service Excellence Award. This award recognizes top industry leaders that demonstrate innovative success within data science and technology. The finalists were judged on their professional excellence, forward-thinking capabilities, and marked industry and organizational influence. Neal demonstrated all of these qualities and has made significant contributions in developing market-moving technologies in the digital advertising space, and the IAB Tech Lab judges took notice.

Here are just some of the specifics on what landed our CTO this esteemed award:

  • His significant contributions in developing trustworthy supply chain specifications and OpenRTB (open real-time bidding) 3.0 – a new revision of the core protocol powering the automated buying and selling of online ads.
  • His executive thought leadership and expertise.
  • His industry participation driving rapid industry adoption of the organization’s ads.txt and his initiative and guidance in the development of ads.cert – which together promote and improve programmatic advertising transparency industry-wide and decrease publisher fraud by helping publishers inform buyers about which companies are authorized to sell their digital inventory.

As CTO of Rakuten Marketing, Neal leads the company’s global technology organization and the innovative solutions used to optimize Rakuten Marketing business needs (such as applying data science and scalable systems to create advanced software products for our clients). Neal has over 20 years of software experience and executive leadership expertise and we are all extremely proud to have his tremendous talent at Rakuten Marketing. Neal is an exceptional leader and teammate, and we look forward to future success and innovations from Neal and the rest of the Rakuten Marketing team!