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Publisher Spotlight: Skimlinks. Dunia Silan SVP of Revenue

Publisher Spotlight: Skimlinks

Skimlinks, a Taboola company, is the leading commerce content solution provider for publishers and advertisers. Read our latest spotlight and hear first-hand how Skimlinks is helping brands optimize the conversion journey to deliver outstanding results for brands.
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The Always-On Luxury Shopper: Affiliate Marketing Strategies

The luxury shopping market continues to remain a key retail focal point despite economic headwinds. Our latest blog analyzes the luxury shopper, explores specific luxury shopping destinations, and provides tips and tricks on how best to leverage different affiliate marketing strategies to reach your ideal luxury consumer. Read the entire blog now to learn more!
Publisher Spotlight: Marissa Grossman, Editoralist

Publisher Spotlight: Editorialist

The Editorialist fuses personal styling, content, and shopping in one seamless digital experience with proprietary technology, e-commerce tools and luxury fashion content. Read our latest spotlight and hear first-hand how the Editorialist is reinventing the way brands and retailers reach the right shopper.

2023 US Cyber Week Trends: Unwrapped

As we unwrap the insights for Cyber Week 2023, we got the gift of good news: Rakuten Advertising’s US clients and partners outperformed and outdelivered this holiday shopping season. We saw significant growth year-over-year for clients in key retail verticals including apparel, accessories, footwear, and home improvement as shoppers eagerly sought out the best deals of the season. Read the entire blog for our official recap of Cyber Week 2023!

The Affiliate Marketing Shopper Part 1: Couponers

We recently released a comprehensive 18-month study, surveying 15,000+ online shoppers on their habits when buying online, with a focus on online coupons and rewards, cashback sites, budget planning, and online shopping behaviors. In the first part of our three-part series, we unveil the prominence of coupons in the ever-evolving landscape of shopper preferences.
Publisher Spotlight: Josephine Nieh, 55Haitao

Publisher Spotlight: 55Haitao

55Haitao is China's largest loyalty publisher, and their offering goes beyond cashback. Read our latest spotlight and hear first-hand how 55Haitao is helping brands enhance their value proposition and achieve incrementality through strategic approaches.
Publisher Spotlight: Karla Stevens, Lyst

Publisher Spotlight: Lyst

Lyst is one of the world’s biggest and most intelligent shopping platforms. Read our latest spotlight and hear first-hand how Lyst is helping brands engage with shoppers in unique and innovative ways.

Successful Influencer & Affiliate Marketing

We’re here to be your guide to all things influencer and affiliate marketing. We dive into how adding influencer marketing into your existing affiliate strategy can boost performance, awareness, and ultimately, sales to help you outperform. Read the entire blog now!
Publisher Spotlight: Ashley Hardy, Business Development, Media at Klarna

Publisher Spotlight: Klarna

You might know Klarna as a buy now, pay later company, but they’re so much more than that. Read our latest spotlight and hear first-hand how the Klarna team are reinventing how people shop. 

The Power of Cross-Border Shopping from Canada

Discover the benefits of cross-border shopping with Canadian online retailers for American consumers, ranging from favorable exchange rates to one-of-a-kind products. Join us as we dive into expert affiliate strategies to overcome common challenges and smoothly navigate the cross-border shopping terrain in our latest blog.
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Marketing Strategies

Affiliate Insights for Publishers: Preparing for Q4 in an ever-shifting e-commerce landscape

A lot has happened in the world of e-commerce over recent years. For affiliate publishers, it can be hard to keep track of the shifting consumer behaviors and advertiser needs. As we step into Q4, and the annual retail frenzy peak, our experts share the latest insights and strategies to help publishers exceed their goals this shopping season.
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The Power of Credit Card Co-Branding in an Experience Economy

Unlock the power of credit card co-branding in our latest blog written by Mark Jackson, Manager, Client Services on our Financial Vertical team. Understand the impact of co-branding on travel, luxury experiences, and envy-inducing adventures. Read more to find out how credit cards are reshaping brand perception and customer loyalty in an ever-evolving landscape.