Q: Tell us a little about NMPi.
A: NMPi (SID: 1452954) is an international digital marketing agency, and we’re so confident in our ability to deliver results for our clients, we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is.

What does this mean?

We cover the cost of your digital campaigns and only receive payment in the form of commission when we drive an action. In only receiving payment when we deliver results, we’re truly incentivized to fully immerse ourselves in your campaigns and drive success for everyone involved.

No tech fees, no hidden costs, 100% risk-free. A bona fide performance-only marketing model. The Digital Game Changer.

Gone are the days of not knowing what you’re getting for your money. Working in this manner, we guarantee our clients a fixed ROI for every action we drive. Our budget, our risk, and a partner that is aligned with your business objectives to the maximum possible extent.

Q: Can you share some key highlights from your program?
A: Last year our Google Shopping strategy for Harvey Nichols’ US activity won two major awards for Best Use of Automation/AI and Most Effective Retail & FMCG Campaign. Previous international activity had proved unprofitable, making them skeptical about performance. Through a combination of several sophisticated algorithms that worked in tandem to create a holistic Google Shopping strategy, we exceeded forecasts by 62% and drove an uplift of 176% YoY, all while delivering a risk-free ROI of 1030%.

“We have a unique challenge as a business to compete with other big brands in their local markets. NMPi quickly identified the specific audiences and localities where we could make the most out of our marketing budget and intelligently applied technology and expertise to gain a competitive advantage in those areas, driving performance that far exceeded our initial targets.” – Paul Gunn, Digital Marketing Manager at Harvey Nichols

Q: Very impressive! What makes NMPi a great partner for our advertisers?
A: It is notoriously difficult to run Paid Search and Google Shopping campaigns. Google Shopping’s algorithm in particular leaves advertisers with a distinct lack of control.

Well, we flipped Google Shopping on its head. By automating the entire process from feed updates, to bid optimizations, we can deliver incredible results for our clients with a guaranteed ROI.

Our award-winning Google Shopping solution makes our services ideal for any advertisers within the retail, home, and beauty sectors.

Q: What has driven your success in our network?
A: Our campaigns are built by a combination of intelligent people and scripts which work in conjunction with a sophisticated backend setup, allowing us to deliver incredibly granular and relevant campaigns for our clients.

Furthermore, as a digital agency, we are able to deliver personal service to our clients and offer them access to the best technology and bespoke tools.

Q: Describe your company in one word.
A: Dynamic.

Q: Why did you choose Rakuten Marketing Affiliate network?
A: Rakuten Marketing offers us unprecedented access to notable advertisers, and they are by far the biggest international e-commerce network that we work with.

On top of this, we have great relationships with our account managers who have an in-depth understanding of digital and their clients’ industries, which allows us to deliver a far superior service.

Q: What’s next for NMPi?
A: NMPi has developed its own Comparison Shopping Service (CSS), By Buy Bye, which is a Google Comparison Shopping Partner.

CSS is an exciting opportunity as it allows us to bring our bespoke, award-winning Google Shopping solution to the affiliate market and helps US brands grow in Europe and beyond at an affordable and risk-free rate.