Coupon code commissioning allows advertisers to manage the commissioning rules for coupon and voucher codes that are circulated to their publisher partners. We sat down with our product manager, Kris Neese, to learn more about how this feature can help both advertisers and publishers in the Rakuten Marketing Affiliate network.

coupon code commissioningQ: Hi Kris! So what exactly is coupon code commissioning?
A: Coupon code commissioning is a feature enhancement to the current Advertiser Dashboard that allows advertisers to manage and monitor commissioning rules for coupon codes. It automates the process of identifying and controlling which codes earn commission while providing detailed reporting and analytics around usage.

Q: It sounds like coupon code commissioning makes life a little easier for advertisers. What are some of the other benefits to advertisers?
A: Advertisers can specify which publishers are eligible to earn commissions on a specific coupon code and remove those that are not, while protecting the integrity of the original marketing distribution channel. For example, a coupon code distributed via an advertiser-generated email campaign would not be eligible for an affiliate commission. It also allows advertisers to create a coupon that is only commissionable for a limited period like Black Friday or an annual sale. This lets the advertiser specify the exact time frame the coupon code will be active regardless of time zones. Our reporting capabilities also provide a deeper understanding into which coupons are being redeemed the most, which publishers are referring customers using coupons, which publishers are being denied commission on certain coupon codes, and if there are publishers earning commission on codes that are not commissionable like the email example.

Q: That’s impressive. And how does this feature help our publisher partners?
A: Coupon code commissioning will increase the transparency and strengthen the partnership by providing the publisher with increased accuracy of payments, fewer cancellations and enhanced reporting to identify which coupons their readers respond to most, how many of their sales involved a coupon code, and why certain transactions were not commissionable. This enhancement also lets the publisher view the commissionable coupons available in each advertiser’s program in one platform. When you negotiate an exclusive coupon code with a merchant, this tool can be used to block the commissions on coupon sites that are using your code without permission.

Q: Sounds like a win-win. Is it easy to implement?
A: Yes, it is! Once the advertiser shares the “coupon” fields in their transaction data, the tech team simply enables the feature. The advertiser’s account team can help them share the correct data.

Well, it sounds like coupon code commissioning will help both advertisers and publishers. Thanks for answering our questions, Kris.

If you would like to learn more about coupon code commissioning or your question wasn’t answered, please reach out to your account team today.