According to Nielsen, a staggering 92% of consumers would likely follow a recommendation of an influencer over a brand advertisement or celebrity endorser.

In the Rakuten Affiliate Network, the cost of driving a new user to a retailer’s site using an influencer is only 32 cents when the average lead cost across all other publisher types is around $1.41. In addition to that, 84% of traffic driven by influencers are new customers and these customers stay on the brand’s site longer. On average, customers view nearly 8 pages of an advertiser’s site when referred by an influencer.

We all know that influencers are becoming a more and more valuable component of any marketing strategy and we have the data to prove it, but don’t just hear it from us… here it from Crystal Coons from Sometimes Glam, McKenna Wesley from the Bubbly Blonde and Claudia Oshry from Girl with No Job taken from our influencer panels at Symposium Scottsdale and Experience.