Holiday spending on family members might be the only aspect of life that is somewhat “normal” in 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly had a significant aspect on all aspects of our everyday lives. However, Rakuten Advertising’s just-released holiday survey, The New Rules Report, shows that in the US:

  • 74% of consumers are planning on spending as much as or more than they did on gifts for immediate family for the holidays this year.
  • 68% will spend as much or more on holiday gifts for themselves this year.
  • 67% will spend as much or more on extended family.

What’s more – holiday shopping plans aren’t going to be drastically impacted for most American shoppers even if the pandemic forces the country to go into a complete lockdown.

  • 63% say they’re not planning on decreasing holiday spending in the event of a complete lockdown.
  • 71% will not decrease if the country sees even a partial reopening.

Brands and publishers that make it easy for shoppers to find what they want online during the holiday shopping season stand to benefit most this year. That’s because with more non-essential stores closed at the start of the pandemic and shoppers continuing to be concerned about being in crowds, more shoppers are seeking out products and purchasing online.

Consider that:

  • 73% of shoppers around the world say they’ll likely do most of their holiday shopping online this year, compared to 54% who say they’ll likely do most of their shopping in-store.
  • 40% of global shoppers are planning on changing how they shop this year due to health concerns
  • 33% of global shoppers have become more comfortable with shopping online


So what do need to do to stand out with holiday shoppers in 2020? Download Rakuten Advertising’s The New Rules Report and uncover:

    • A country-by-country breakdown showing how holiday shopping habits are expected to change
    • Which factors have the greatest influence on holiday purchases
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