Today’s holiday shopper wants it all. They want the right deals delivered at the right time and in the right channels. They want to have their products delivered on time. They want to know they’re buying the right products by hearing what their peers have to say. And they want to be understood by the brands that hope to win their business. That’s a tall order, but it must be fulfilled – failure to do so can cause customers to choose another brand over yours both during the holidays…and beyond.

In order to better understand the holiday shopper, we sat down with experts from Rakuten, Viki, Rakuten Super Logistics and ShopStyle to learn how to create the complete customer experience this holiday season – and how brands can ensure they deliver that experience. These strategies are available right now in Creating the Complete Holiday Customer Experience, an on-demand webinar.

In this on-demand webinar you will learn:

  • How to leverage multichannel marketing strategies to mitigate pain points and win shoppers.
  • Ways to utilize influencers more effectively during the holiday season.
  • Strategies for winning over Millennials and Gen Z through meaningful content.
  • Why you need a well-positioned product shipping strategy – and a well-positioned product return strategy.
  • Insights into creating digital marketplace success so your brand stands out – rather than drowned out.

The webinar is available right now, so sign up today and watch anytime. And be sure to keep checking back for more holiday content this holiday season.

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