2021 Holiday Planning As we move into the second half of 2021, holiday planning is top of mind for marketers. To help our advertiser and publishers prepare for the busiest retail period of the year, Rakuten Advertising has compiled data-led strategies spanning across affiliate and media channels.  

With more consumers shopping online than ever before and increasing cross-border commerce, brands and publishers need to be aware of how their audiences engage with traditional and emerging retail peaks.  

Our guide, 2021 Holiday Planning: H2 July – December Edition, examines U.S. consumer purchasing trends from the 2020 holiday season and provides strategic guidance based on shopping behavior to drive optimal performance this year.  

Strategic highlights from our experts include:  


Enable in-app tracking to incentives, track, and reward publishers for driving mobile purchases.  

Commissioning Strategies:  

Employ commissioning strategies to reward publishers for their role in the path to purchase (Multi-touch Commissioning) or align with business objectives (Dynamic Commissioning).  

Paid Placement Insights:  

Use historical performance data to help form peak strategies and campaign optimizations.   

Paid Placement Marketplace:  

Discover all publisher placement opportunities via the paid placement marketplace and work with partners to drive greater exposure.  


Utilize data-led targeting capabilities to reach consumers with relevant, engaging and timely ads on a platform that aligns with your brand values. 


Invest in strategies like YouTube, discovery ads, dynamic search ads and maximize keyword coverage to reach consumers looking to discover new brands.  

Media Strategies:  

Utilize third-party platforms to provide supplemental scale and reach for proprietary audiences with engaging, immersive ad experiences for consumers across devices and platform.  

For more strategies on driving optimal performance during the peak shopping season, including data insights download our guide 2021 Holiday Planning: H2 July – December Edition.