neal richterAI, Ad Fraud, & Path-to-Purchase: Neal Richter Interview

Neal Richter, CTO of Rakuten Marketing, is a thought leader unlike any other. An IAB Tech Lab award winner, Neal has been a wealth of knowledge on programmatic advertising, machine learning, AI, reducing the threat of ad fraud and data trends. Any marketer who has a chance to speak with Neal will be able to learn much from his expertise. At Experience 2017, we had a chance to interview Neal Richter and hear his perspectives on the increasingly-complex consumer path-to-purchase, mitigating fraud threats, and the value of AI.

In this interview, you will hear Neal speak about:

  • Using AI to distill information and take action,
  • Leveraging real-time data trends,
  • How to protect yourself from the threat of ad fraud,
  • And more!

Watch the interview below, and be sure to check out our first interview from Experience 2017 with Tony Zito, CEO of Rakuten Marketing.

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