Be sure to attend DealMaker New York; an event full of networking, content and business opportunities.

Have you been wondering how to convince your boss to send you to DealMaker New York?

Taking place in Brooklyn, New York on June 27 – 28, DealMaker is two jam-packed days of networking, content and fun. Below is a list of 10 reasons why you should attend the event. The reasons are conveniently put in list form so it can be easily forwarded to your boss to justify attendance.

“I always look forward to DealMaker! It’s the most effective Affiliate Marketing event filled with networking and business development opportunities. Every advertiser and publisher must attend.”

Totran Radke, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing, Teleflora


1. Attendees of DealMaker Outperformed the Network

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to increase relationships and revenue while truly optimizing your affiliate program. In the past, both advertising and publishing clients who’ve attended DealMaker outperform the rest of the network


  • Advertiser attendees in 2017 represented nearly 60% of US network revenue.
  • US network advertisers who attended Symposium New York in 2016 and 2017 saw an increase in sales of over 12% year-over-year (YOY).
  • Over 67% of attending advertisers have attended more than one Rakuten Marketing event.


  • Publisher attendees in 2017 represented over 76% of US network revenue.
  • Publishers who attended Symposium New York in 2016 and 2017 saw a 4% growth in sales YOY, and sponsoring publishers saw an 18% YOY growth.
  • Nearly 85% of attending Platinum Publisher brands from 2016 returned in 2017.
  • Over 98% of attending publishers have attended more than one Rakuten Marketing event.

2. Guaranteed Face-to-Face Networking

Did you know that nearly 4,300 meetings were requested prior to the event last year? For an optimal event experience, we suggest a mix of pre-scheduled and impromptu meetings. It’s always best to schedule as many meetings for day one as possible. Make sure to have open time for a potential partner that you may not have seen via Pathable, our private online event network, and community. Sometimes the best connections are made over a cocktail…or two. Be sure to attend the open networking segments of the event. The Pathable community will open soon!

3. Sponsorship Opportunities Built to Amplify Your Brand

Rakuten Marketing events are exclusive industry forums that present the ideal opportunity to reach high-level decision makers, attract new business partners, and strengthen your competitive position. We offer a variety of exciting sponsorship packages that provide a range of participation and brand exposure opportunities at our events. Click here to view the brochure

“Rakuten Marketing Symposium is the most effective networking event of the year. So, it’s beneficial to meet with a record number of publishers in one spot in one day!”

Kristy McClain, Marketing Manager, Acquisition at Vera Bradley

“DealMaker was great, our team met a lot of great merchants and partners and struck some key partnerships. Very satisfied with the ROI on our sponsorship.”

– Jeff Unze, VP Business Development – BorderX Lab (Beyond Shopping Discovery App)

4. Build Your Online Presence

With over 2,400 social network connections made through Pathable last year, we know you’ll leave with a new (digital) Rolodex of contacts.

We bring online and offline together to help you facilitate additional conversations and connect with attendees via the conference hashtag #DealMakerNY18. That way you are able to see who else is talking about the event and follow them.

5. Networking Platform to Connect Ahead of the Event

Last year over 76% of attendees, including our staff, actively used Pathable to build relationships and set-up meetings in the weeks leading to the event. This year, we think it should be 100%. As an attendee, you should make sure to take advantage of networking and community that Pathable offers! Not only can you schedule meetings but you have easy access to attendee profiles to send private messages. Get networking! The community will open at least two months before the event.

Pro tip: Make sure to upload your photo to Pathable to make networking even easier.

6. Your Prospects (and Competitors) Are Attending

Meeting prospects in person is invaluable. After months of back and forth between phone calls and emails, you can finally shake hands with that partner you’ve been waiting to work with. We don’t mean to brag, but our attendee list will impress. It’s not just your prospects who are attending, it’s your competitors too. Don’t miss out on having a presence on-site.

7. We Will Keep You Energized

Our event venues are selected so that attendees can easily stay on-site. We do this to help you maximize your time at the event. Between coffee breaks, a delicious lunch, the Stay Well Lounge, and cocktails, we will keep you energized, hydrated, happy and well fed all day.

8. We Help You Do the Work

DealMaker is the perfect opportunity to let your client services team shine. Our client account managers and network development team are there to help you schedule and prepare for meetings, drive partnerships, and build your agenda. Cue Rihanna’s ‘Work, work, work, work, work, work.’

9. Actionable Takeaways to Maximize ROI

Our symposia always provides an opportunity for you to learn. Whether we are revealing new data with Forrester or learning marketing insights from Reddit Co-founder Alexis Ohanian, we promise engaging and strategic content from every speaker. You’ll walk away both inspired and ready to take action.

10. The Sponsors. The Goodie Bag

Our sponsor roster is always filled with great brands and many of our biggest and brightest clients. Visit the event website to watch the sponsor roster grow and keep an eye out for new sponsors, which are added daily. Basically, you are sure to walk away from the event with some great swag. Keep it if you’d like, or share it with #theboss.

Want to join the sponsor list? Take a look at our brochure and contact us if you are interested in amplifying your brand presence on-site!

Visit our DealMaker New York website to learn more about the event. Questions? Reply in the comments section or email and we’ll get back to you!

See you in New York!
Krystyna & the Events Team