This edition of Affiliate Publisher Spotlight features Ebates, a cashback publisher and sponsor for Rakuten Marketing DealMaker New York!

affiliate publisher spotlight

Q: Tell a little bit about Ebates.

A: Since our founding in 1999, we’ve helped our members, 12+ million and counting, earn over $1 billion in Cash Back at their favorite stores. By connecting these savvy shoppers with America’s best brands, we give them a hassle-free way to save money on the things they buy every day, while our retail partners find loyal new customers and drive record sales.

ebates affiliate publisher

Q: Can you share some highlights from your program?

A: Ebates saw $8.8 billion in US sales in 2017, seeing 6% of total online sales during peak holiday shopping (Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday) according to ComScore. Ebates has over 800 employees globally with 19 years of shopping data. We acquired ShopStyle and Cartera in 2017, making Ebates the largest player in the affiliate industry by far.

Q: What kind of advertisers are you looking to partner with?

A: We currently work with 2,500+ retailers, and are continuing to diversify the verticals we occupy, extending our presence to dining, ride-sharing, local and subscription services.

Q: What’s new for Ebates?

A: Ebates is working hard to provide rewarding experiences to our members in new ways, including in-store/local offers, home furnishings design and beauty. We’re also expanding our secure data-sharing capabilities in order to identify and target high-value segments on behalf of our partners.

Q: Describe your company in one word.

A: Rewarding

Q: Why did you choose to work with Rakuten Marketing Affiliate?

A: We value Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Network’s ability to pass product-level data back into our system for enhanced targeting and optimization, which in turn benefits both our members and our merchants.

Q: What’s next for Ebates?

A: Our primary goal is driving incrementality through innovative solutions for our merchants and rewarding experiences for our members. To do so, we’re working on an awesome rebranding project as well as expanding our offering to dining, hotels/travel and ride-sharing.

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If you are interested in partnering with Ebates, search SID 23803 in the Advertiser Dashboard and be sure to book a meeting through Pathable with them at DealMaker New York!

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