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DealMaker Scottsdale 2o2o is almost here! Whether you need more convincing or more leverage to convince your boss to let you attend, this list will help. The following are 10 reasons why you should join us in Scottsdale on Feb 10th and 11th if you haven’t yet booked your ticket.

1. We keep you energized

To help you maximize your time at the event, we selected the luxurious JW Marriott Scottsdale Camelback Inn Resort & Spa, where all attendees can easily stay on-site throughout the two event days! Between coffee, lunch on the patio, the Stay Well Lounge and cocktails, we will keep you energized, hydrated, happy and well fed all day!

2. You’ll share the goodie bag – filled with great giveaways from our incredible sponsors

Our roster of sponsors is continuously growing, check out the 2020 sponsors on the sponsor section of event website.

dealmakerscottsdale; networking event, dealmaker 20203. Guaranteed face time with clients AND prospects

Nearly 4,000 meetings were requested prior to the event last year, that’s an increase of 800 meeting requests YOY. Over 78% of attendees used our networking community. We suggest a mix of pre-scheduled and impromptu meetings for the best success. Our online community opens early so you can do optimal pre-event planning.

4. The content is full of actionable takeaways set to maximize ROI. 

DealMaker events aim to provide many opportunities for attendees to learn and grow. Don’t miss Amy Jo Martin deliver the keynote presentation, where you will learn how your personal brand strategy and digital footprint can be leveraged to have a positive, revenue-generating, impact on your life and business. DealMaker always brings engaging, strategic content – whether it’s been sharing laughs with Rainn Wilson, learning tricks of the trade from Jeff Ma, or doing burpees with Spartan’s CEO, Joe De Sena, past attendees have always walked away inspired and ready to take action!

5. Our DealMaker Scottsdale 2020 Keynote: Renegades Write The Rules with Speaker Amy Jo Martin

Throughout her career, Amy Jo has had more than 200 vulnerable and intimate conversations with Renegades like Simon Sinek, Tony Robbins, Jessica Alba, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Mark Cuban, Arianna Huffington and many others. During these interviews, she has helped dissect their critical “Why Not Now?” moments as they navigated from idea to action, from dreaming to doing.

From her research, Amy Jo has spotted consistent trends which have surfaced tactical rules she calls “Renegade Rules.” Amy Jo will share these rules and the colorful stories that formed them with the audience to help guide them through their own “Why Not Now?” ideas. In addition, and after working with some of the world’s most progressive innovators over the past 20 years, Amy Jo shares tangible, practical ways to humanize your brand online in an effort to build relationships that convert. She will discuss how your personal brand strategy and digital footprint can be leveraged to have a positive, revenue-generating, impact on your life and business. We must humanize to monetize, because humans connect with humans, not logos, and connections convert.

6. More Breakout Sessions

Whether you want to learn more about our tools in the product demos or our APAC region, we have mini-sessions throughout the two days for you to attend. The schedule will be announced in early January.

dealmaker scottsdale 2020; advetiser and publisher event, affiliate marketing event7. You will build your online and offline presence

Day one, Feb 10, is dedicated mostly to networking with the “Welcome Reception” and “Jumpstart Networking” taking place this day.Jump Start Networking is designated meeting space that is available all day for our advertisers and publishers to meet with one another.

On day two, there will be a three-hour block of networking called DealSpace, where advertisers and publishers host tables for attendees to mix and mingle.

8. You can plan, schedule, and start networking before the event even begins

Our networking community, Pathable, is an easy way for you to connect, discuss, check updates, schedule meetings with other attendees, and oversee the agenda for DealMaker Scottsdale 2020. The community is now open, be sure to sign-in to your profile and get to pre-scheduling your desired meetings.

9. Attendees of DealMaker outperform in the network

Our clients, both advertisers and publishers, who attend DealMaker out-perform the rest of the network.

  • Attending advertisers represented nearly half of the US network revenue with an increase of 4% year-over-year (YOY) and showed an increase in sales net collectively by 10.2% YOY.
  • Attending US publisher’s represented 75% of our Platinum Publisher base, a top classification. Overall attending publishers saw revenue growth of 4.36% YOY. Those US based publishers ramping up with UK publishers, saw a YOY growth of 36.54%.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity really increase relationships, revenue, and optimize your affiliate program.

dealmaker keynote; digital marketing event10. Your prospects (and competitors) are attending. Think about making an extra splash on-site through sponsorship opportunities.

Our data shows that most companies that have invested in an event sponsorship opportunity outperform their peers in the Rakuten Affiliate network year over year. Sponsors outperformed Rakuten Affiliate Network in relationships by 73% and network revenue by 29% YOY. 100% of these sponsors stated that they felt that their involvements as an event sponsor had increased the value of their attendance at events. Check out event sponsorships here.

DealMaker is the perfect opportunity to let our client services team shine. If you have a day-to-day contact at Rakuten Marketing be sure to connect with them ahead of the event. They can help you navigate DealMaker.

To find out more about DealMaker Scottsdale visit the event website or contact our events team at

See you in Scottsdale!
Krystyna & the Events Team