The holiday season is undoubtedly the most important date in the marketer’s diary. During the gift buying
season, shopper profiles can fluctuate significantly as 70% of the world’s consumers seek out and buy gifts for friends and family members.

Whilst brands often have an in-depth understanding of their core customer, many may not be aware of how globalised holiday shopping has become. Since consumer buying habits can change so drastically during the holiday season, it is essential to understand the latest purchasing trends to reach, engage and convert potential customers across the globe.

For this reason, we’ve produced our latest consumer survey report, The Unexpected Gift Shopper. Based on our research with 5,000 international consumers across eight markets including Europe, APAC and America, the report reveals the a huge opportunity for borderless shopping this holiday season.

As many as 70% of consumers across Europe and APAC are looking to buy gifts for their family and friends – two-thirds of whom will consider gift purchases from overseas. UK brands particularly will be missing out if they fail to target overseas gift buyers as 45% of shoppers are looking to make a holiday purchase from the UK this year, specifically people from Germany (60%), Singapore (49%) and Australia (44%). This makes Britain the most popular market among those who are looking to purchase gifts internationally.

So, what does that mean for your holiday season strategy? Anthony Capano, our Managing Director of International said: “If UK marketers don’t prioritise attracting shoppers in foreign markets, they will fail to seize the significant opportunity international commerce presents at this time of year. They must not shy away from engaging unexpected shoppers – the key is finding customers at home and away.”

To learn more about your unexpected gift shopper this holiday season, download our report to uncover the following insights:

  • Who shoppers are buying for
  • Why people buy overseas
  • The countries and regions most likely to purchase cross-border
  • How best to advertise to holiday season shoppers
  • Country and region-specific data on average gift budgets per shopper