Increasingly: Dynamic Cross-Selling


At this years’ Symposium London, we will be hearing from four of our emerging, non-traditional publishers who are shaking up the affiliate space in our ‘Publisher Innovation within Affiliate Marketing’ strategy session.

As one of our speakers at this session, we speak to Sri Sharma, co-founder of Increasingly ahead of the big event to find out more about their new platform and how they add value to advertisers.

Increasingly helps retailers to up-sell and cross-sell by using machine learning automation to generate relevant and engaging dynamic product bundles. Could you tell us a bit more about your platform and how you add value to advertisers?

Absolutely! In the offline world, cross-selling is a vital tool for retailers. In the online world, retailers hardly use it or if they do, struggle. This is because bringing the right products together at scale for cross-selling, is technically challenging. Amazon is one of few retailers who is using this concept effectively. We have learned from Amazon and are democratising how they drive cross-selling for retailers at large.

We call this ‘dynamic cross-selling.’ Increasingly uses a combination of machine learning and UX to effectively cross-sell at scale on-site, across a retailer’s online marketing and in-store. This drives 15% more revenue with an average-order-value increase of 12%.

We’ve been working with retailers across a range of sectors including Travis Perkins, Samsung, Rymans, Harper Collins Books and Gorgeous Shop. Within six months of launching, we have been shortlisted for the Performance Marketing award for Innovation, National Technology Award for the smartest technology startup in 2017 and called out as a hot startup at Retail Week.

What makes you innovative and unique in this space?

Amazon has inspired entire industries that serve online retailers from product review providers and on-site search technology to product recommendations and logistics companies. Another area that Amazon does well, but yet, most retailers have failed to utilise is dynamic cross-selling. We are democratising what Amazon does for retailers and improving on it. No one else in this space has been so focused and dedicated to solving this hard problem and we have demonstrated early success using our technology to see retailer’s revenue grow by of 15% and AOV climb to 12%.

What kind of advertisers are you looking to partner with and can you share any success stories?

There are opportunities to dynamically cross-sell in most verticals where the retailer sells more than 100 different products. We are excited to work with market-leading brands who want to be innovative and see their revenues grow by 15%.

Are there any exciting plans in the pipeline for Increasingly that you’d like to share?

Our company is only six months old, so we’re very focused on our first product – on-site dynamic cross-selling. From there, we are taking the concept of dynamic cross-selling across our clients’ marketing online and in-store. We are talking to major retailers to trial both these areas.

Lastly, what can advertisers expect to learn in your talk at Symposium London

At Symposium London, I’ll be talking about the value of cross-selling for consumers and retailers, all within the context of future technology’s impact on consumer behaviour.

To find out more or discuss opportunities with Increasingly, don’t miss our ‘Publisher Innovation Within Affiliate Marketing’ session at 3pm  in The Porter Tun. Sri will also be on hand to answer any questions in both our morning and afternoon DealMaker sessions.

If you are yet to register for Symposium London, you can register here.