Rakuten Advertising Launches Interactive CTV Ad Formats

Rakuten Advertising in partnership with Innovid recently launched interactive connected TV (CTV) formats.

Interactive CTV ad formats generate a higher level of engagement with audiences by merging personalized ad experiences with direct next steps for viewers to take like scanning QR codes or using coupons. These new interactive ad formats are available to run across CTV, mobile and desktop devices.

The Interactive CTV Ad Experience

More than traditional TV commercials, interactive CTV ads create memorable consumer experiences, help advertisers build meaningful awareness of their brand, and create higher engagement with audiences.

With interactive CTV ads, advertisers can layer in additional content that increases performance for their brands. Using interactive formats, agencies can leverage shoppable product images, video galleries, website content and more to create multi-faceted ads that are a value-add experience for the viewer.

Interactive CTV ads provide agencies with innovative, high impact branding opportunities to achieve their clients’ marketing KPIs, including:

  • Increase brand awareness through memorable creative experiences
  • Deeper engagement with your ads
  • Drive conversions on CTV through shoppable formats (Example case study: +2X QR code engagement benchmark )

Additionally, this partnered solution allows agencies to use various data signals to personalize creative and serve more relevant and targeted messages. These data signals include:

  • Time/Day of Week/Year
  • Geo Location
  • Weather
  • 1st Party Data

First Impressions Matter: Best Practices For CTV

Understanding the best tactics to use when implementing a CTV strategy can help drive engagement and reach with audiences.

  • Leverage data and technology to personalize ads for each viewer. Nielsen data shows that 75% of consumers struggle  to correctly identify a brand the day after being exposed to their TV ad. CTV advertisers should leverage first-party data and signals to personalize the viewer experience while also generating better brand recall.
  • Choose a premium and relevant environment for your brand message. Carefully select CTV partners who can guarantee premium content and deliver messages to the right audience within a brand-safe environment.
  • Test and iterate on your creative. Delivering a good advertising experience can take many different forms, but should always be focused on the marketing objective. Use recommended formats and features that are designed for maximizing on specific KPIs. Want to take it a step further? Try A/B testing different versions of an ad to understand the nuances of each audience.

It’s important to remember that each viewer consumes content differently–they’re looking for personalization, engaging entertainment and a deeper level of customization. Now with the breadth of our interactive CTV solutions, advertisers have the opportunity to meet the expectations of today’s consumer all while achieving superior performance.

For more information about Rakuten Advertising’s CTV offering, visit now.

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