Beauty Ecommerce

As part of our new monthly education series, we’re going to be offering you market and affiliate trends for all the different verticals on our affiliate platform, to keep you in the know. Let’s start with the wonderful world of Beauty!

‘Better Experience’ Is  Boosting Beauty Ecommerce

Its no longer good enough to simply sell products online, customers are looking for a unique experience.While around 93% of beauty sales are still being made in store, the improvement of customer experience online has helped lead to the impressive growth in beauty ecommerce. Brands are becoming more and more aware that in absense of the “touch and feel” element of beauty sales, online customers need to be taken on a digital journey so they feel engrossed in the brand. This may be an interactive video featuring a makeup tutorial, where consumers can learn how products are applied, or an engaging blog post full of top tips from beauty experts.

The Importance of Social Influencers

Social plays a key role in many beauty brand’s marketing activities, partly due to the mass of influencers who promote their product reviews to a widespread audience. Such posts are particularly rife during peak holiday seasons like Christmas. In the first 14 days of December, over 119,000 posts on Christmas beauty tips and make-up selfies were uploaded on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Engagement levels peaked at over 18,000 posts per day, with conversation driven largely by beauty bloggers and vloggers as well as savvy brands around dedicated hashtags for beauty and make-up.

Partnering with influencers via an affiliate platform is a risk-free, low cost way to boost brand awareness around key sales periods and new product launches. Most networks run on a Cost Per Acquisition payment model, whereby brands only pay the blogger commission if they drive a sale through their site. Rakuten Affiliate Network hosts a global platform of over 5,000 blogger partners, all looking to promote brands that match their interests and style. All bloggers need to be approved into the brand’s programme before they can start promoting products, so marketers have total control over where their brand is being featured.

Rakuten Affiliate Network Performance

In 2015, Beauty was the highest performing sector on our UK affiliate network! Overall sales made on the network by our beauty partners grew by 51% Year on Year (YoY), closely followed by Toys (+47%) and Gifts (+47%). We saw an average conversion rate of 4.9%, and average order value of £47.

Below are some more beauty stats taken from the first quarter of this year:

Q1 2016 Beauty Performance (YoY)

– Traffic: +10%

– Orders: +19%

– Sales: +15%

Q1 2016 Beauty Performance on Mobile (YoY)

– Traffic: +24%

– Orders: +166%

– Sales: +132%

International Beauty Sales Growth


Sales Growth
Q1 2016 (YoY)











Hong Kong






Want to Learn More?

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