As the world seems to become smaller with new devices and means of communication the choices for advertisers are ever expanding. Looking back at a simpler time when TV, radio and print were the go-to advertising mediums, it was a relatively straight-forward choice on how best to promote your brand. These traditional channels were used to get products in front of wide audiences as opposed to specifying direct targets.

With these formats, assumptions and gut feeling determined which channel would attract the audience most suitable for your product or service. The notion was that as long as the quantity of views was high there would undoubtedly be a handful of quality audience members.

In actuality, ensuring the content resonates with specific audience members is far more valuable than gaining a higher number of views. Still, the dream is to have access to those mass-market audiences! To ensure that you reach large-scale target consumers while maintaining relevancy, we have come up with a solution: a strategy we call the ‘Stairway to Marco Success’.

Stairway to Macro Success

The ‘Stairway to Macro Success’ is a step-by-step data-driven methodology used to thoughtfully leverage content. Data can facilitate your move from small-audience campaigns (e.g. retargeting) to the mass market of innovative models such as out-of-home (OOH) media and programmatic audio and TV. Additionally, this data-led approach can also gradually scale your investment, maximising your ROI.

The way the stairway works is each step builds the data intake which will be used in subsequent steps. Consequently, you’d achieve the holy grail of advertising: reaching the big audiences promised by traditional advertising mediums – such as TV and radio – but at a fraction of the cost and upheld by irrefutable facts – data!

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