Savoo Affiliate Publisher is an online fundraising platform where consumers can search the web and save through using voucher and discount codes, but also raise money for charities they support at the same time – at no expense to them. Over the last year, Savoo has seen great success on our network with a +108% increase in sales YoY with some of their advertisers seeing growth in performance over +489% YoY. They have reached platinum level which is a designation for affiliates who are highly-engaged and high-quality partners in the Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Network. In light of their success, we speak to Yasmeen Lubbock, Senior Account Manager at Savoo to find out more about their platform:

Historically, Savoo was a voucher code website and now you’ve evolved to not only offer unique voucher codes but also give back to the charity the consumer chooses. Could you tell us a bit more about how has evolved and the concept of ‘Savoo, Search, Save and Raise’?

As a business, we felt it was time to really look at ways we could differentiate ourselves from just being a voucher code site.  We did some research both internally and externally, with our staff and consumers, and found that charity and ‘giving back’ was something that really motivated both audiences. In very basic terms, that was how the idea of Search, Save and Raise was born.

However making such a change was quite a risk! We didn’t know initially how it would be received but thankfully we’ve found that merchants, networks and agencies have embraced the new model. We’ve also had a great reception from the Charity Sector and we are now an active member of the Industry of Fundraising. This – and lots of hard work – has resulted in close relationships with over 300 charities in the last 18 months. On top of that, our culture has changed a bit, with all members of staff actively encouraged to volunteer with charities we work with on a regular basis.

Could you tell us a bit more about how the platforms works?

The first thing to say is that it’s really easy to use and free for the consumer! A user can search the internet through Savoo’s search bar that’s powered by a unique partnership with Bing. Each time a registered user searches, we will donate a penny per search to that user’s chosen charity. For example, ‘how do I clean up red wine?’ – we pay a penny!

Secondly, Savoo is a leading voucher code and deals site featuring thousands of retailers. When a consumer shops using one of our offers, we will donate up to 50% of our affiliate commission to their chosen charity. So, by switching existing online behaviour, consumers can make amazing savings whilst donating to a cause of their choice. No card details required, easy to use and – again – free!

What kind of advertisers are you looking to partner with and how can you add value to them?

We take each merchant on a case by case basis, but the criteria that are really important to us and will help a merchant succeed with Savoo include:

  • Commission pay out (which is advertised on a merchant page to consumers in terms of how much we donate back)
  • Strong conversion rates
  • Strength of the brand (or growth potential if we can look at how successful they are in other markets)
  • A consumer interest for offers/codes from that brand that will reside well with our users

In return Savoo, Search, Save and Raise can add value through driving more traffic to a merchant’s site, higher CRs, brand awareness and the ability to have an indirect CSR, as our users are able to donate back to charity while shopping at their favourite brands.

You’ve seen a huge amount of growth in the affiliate channel, what do you think has been the key to your success?

We feel a few things have contributed to this success. First and foremost we believe differentiating ourselves from other voucher code sites gave us a fantastic story for consumers to choose us – they get to save money on their shopping, but also feel good about giving back to their chosen cause for free without it having to affect their everyday spending.

Creating great relationships with so many charities, we have been really lucky to open the door to a whole new charity audience thanks to the combined marketing efforts we have been working on with them.

We’ve found that networks and retailers have also responded really well to the new proposition and continue to support our model through high-quality exclusive offers, commission increases and tenancy packages.

Also, with Rakuten Marketing in particular, Savoo has to give real credit to our Publisher Manager, Katharina. She has been great at helping us identify new opportunities and where we can improve as well as liaising with merchants and Account Managers when we need a little extra help.

Outside of that I really have to look at giving credit to a great team who work incredibly hard to achieve what we have in the past five years. Between a team of 19 at Savoo in London, we are responsible for the success of 13 markets and multi-million pounds worth of revenue.

Can you share any recent success stories?

Thankfully for us, there have been a few recently, but one we are really proud of is that we are now a Platinum Publisher with Rakuten.  This has been great motivation to the team to continue and grow the work we do with Rakuten Marketing as we move forward.

In the charity sector, we are delighted to have helped pioneer and coin the phrase ‘Lifestyle Giving’.  We are working closely with industry leaders to help consumers understand how they can donate to charity without necessarily changing their day to day lifestyles, not spend vast sums of their own money and yet make a difference to the people who need help. More on this to come in the next few months.

Savoo has just launched in Mexico – what were the key motivations for launching in this region and how is Rakuten Marketing helping?

We launched Brazil in 2014 and saw great growth and success in this market – it presently accounts for 10% of our overall international business revenue. Given the experience we have of internationalising, we felt the time was right to take on another emerging market that has great and inevitable scope to grow, both from a consumer population perspective as well as a growing confidence in technological infrastructure and online purchases.

Lisette, who oversees the Mexican Market at Rakuten Marketing has been really forthcoming with helping us launch in Mexico. Going forward Ann-Sophie Larger, our Mexico Account Manager over at Savoo will be having a regular catch up meetings with Lisette to help us identify the best opportunities and drive our business forward with Rakuten Marketing.

Do you have any exciting plans in the pipeline for Savoo that you’d like to share?

We do have some really exciting plans coming up – at this point, we can’t give too much away! All we can say is stay tuned for a new charity product we are launching later this year!

To find out more or discuss opportunities with Savoo, please contact Yasmeen or use the SID 2291735 in the advertiser dashboard.