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Smarter Click are one of our technology publishers that specialise in conversion technology to help our clients make the most out of their website visitors. The Smarter Click team recently spoke at DealMaker London and will also be exhibiting at DealMaker Munich. Ahead of the event, we spoke with Henry Boyson, Operations Director, at Smarter Click about its technology, platform and what are advertisers can expect from a partnership.

Can you give us some background and an overview of Smarter Click?

Smarter Click was founded back in 2014 when a group of affiliate specialists came across an interesting new channel within the industry – on-site technology. Overlays were quickly gaining traction and a growing interest from advertisers sparked a lot of debate around the best practices for this new type of affiliate. We dissected the various offerings within the market and, like any good innovator, decided there was an opportunity in the market for someone to add true value from the technology.

From our inception into the space, to leading a team of over 30 across multiple countries, Smarter Click has solidified itself as a leading provider of on-site technology.

How do you work with advertisers in the affiliate space, and how does your platform benefit them?

Because on-site technology has the power to deliver conversion rates and revenues above most other forms of affiliation, it’s a much more considered partnership from an advertiser’s point of view. Running our technology involves adding a tag on to the merchant’s website (or via a network tag) and working closely with each merchant to build bespoke campaigns to meet their needs.  We’ve always worked through the affiliate channel on a CPA which has been a great channel to build and maintain partnerships. Being a preferred partner on a network helps give advertisers confidence that the network is presenting them trusted and proven affiliates.

We’ve worked with over 700 advertisers over the years providing them with complete transparency and control over the campaigns that we build and manage together. Advertisers get a professionally managed and bespoke service with us. The level of segmentation we provide is unrivalled, providing our clients with a truly unique experience.

Do you have any recent case studies of your success working with advertisers? 

Yes. We recently published a case study of our work with fashion retailer, Boden. You can read Smarter Click’s case study with Boden here.

Are there any exciting developments in the pipeline for the Smarter Click that you’d like to share?

Yes! Firstly, we continue to make regular updates to our core products to ensure we’re still leading the pack in segmentation but we’ve been also working on something special in the background which will change the affiliate industry which we’re very excited about. At DealMaker London we divulged more information on the new project and how we’re going to change the world of voucher codes in 2019! You can find a link to Smarter Click’s presentation at DealMaker London 2019 here.

Finally, for anyone who missed your talk at DealMaker London last month – can you give us a recap on what you covered?

There’s a number of current affairs that we’ll address which are causing changes to the way UK consumers shop. We addressed the impact of a declining high street, whilst giving insight into theincreasing rise of Amazon as a one-stop-shop market place. We touched on some myths behind AI and why it’s the new ‘fad’ word in our industry.

Finally, we shared a sneak preview of our new Smarter Codes product.  Voucher codes are always a hot topic in the affiliate industry, and Smarter Click are addressing some of the issues around transparency and attribution!

Be sure to check out Smarter Click’s table at DealMaker Munich 2019!