Symposium Sydney is only two weeks away and with a jammed packed agenda we’ve put together a list of tips to ensure you make the most of this years event.

First things first…make sure you attend!
Registration is closing soon, if you haven’t already, make sure you register here!

Showcase yourself – Rakuten Marketing is offering various sponsorship packages where you have the chance to have feature your brand throughout the event. One of our exciting sponsorship opportunities includes the chance to deck out a dedicated DealMaker table with your brand’s collateral and promotional material. There are limited sponsorships available, reach out to events team to find out more:

Be prepared to pitch your brand like a pro – You have a lot to gain at Symposium, use this opportunity to sell your brand in a memorable way! Be ready to get partners excited about it, feel free to bring tablets and share demos.

Identify your goals – be clear with the reason you are attending, what are you trying to gain? Have a think about your goals prior to the event so you come prepared and ready to ask questions!

Plan your day – Look at the agenda ahead of time, there will be educational sessions, keynote speakers and a chance to network. Check out the sessions you wish to attend and keep track of time throughout the day to be sure you don’t miss anything!

Identify the “Who” Have a list of people you want to meet. The value of attending Symposium is to meet with the people you work with daily, face-to-face and to meet new people! Have a think ahead of time about who you would like to chat to and know what you want to discuss. Why not try to get in touch with partners prior to Symposium and let them know you’ll be attending. Do some pre-event networking and organise catch ups on the day.

Carry business cards You a will be meeting a lot of people and business cards are a great way to remember who you need to follow up with. It is also a good idea to scribble notes on the cards you collect after your chat so you’ve got some context when you review them later.

Attend the after party – This is a perfect opportunity to network in a more relaxed environment whilst having some fun! We’ve all heard about big business deals being signed over a drink!

Follow up! – This is a big one, you will meet a lot of people and forge great partnerships, following up and implementing is a key step to truly getting the most from the event.

To find out more about Rakuten Marketing events, including how you can take part reach out to