Rakuten Advertising outshines with 7 Global Performance Marketing Awards

We’re proud to announce that we have won seven Global Performance Marketing Awards across seven categories, including Best Affiliate & Partnership Strategy (LATAM & North America), Best Partnership, Best Loyalty Partnership, Best Use of Retail Media, Best Use of Content Commerce and Most Creative Partnership. Read on to find out more.

At Rakuten Advertising, we believe in constantly outthinking, outdelivering and outperforming in the world of performance marketing, and it’s a shared sentiment in the industry.

We’re proud to announce that we have won seven Global Performance Marketing Awards across seven categories. Thank you to our advertisers and publisher partners for their trust and support in helping us achieve these incredible results.

Here are a few details on each award:

Best Affiliate & Partnership Strategy (LATAM): RevLifter & Droga Raia

RevLifter and Droga Raia collaborated with us to pioneer award-winning innovation for Raia Drogasil, Latin America’s largest drugstore group with over 2,500 stores. The campaign leveraged our extensive reach and team of experts to create a customised affiliate strategy that drove significant sales growth for Droga Raia.

Best Affiliate & Partnership Strategy (North America): RevLifter & Sam’s Club

We partnered with RevLifter to deliver monthly and annual membership targets for Sam’s Club. The campaign utilised our proprietary technology to create a personalised experience for each customer, resulting in a significant increase in membership sign-ups.

Best Loyalty Partnership: Cotton On & ShopBack

Our partnership with Cotton On and ShopBack brilliantly disrupted the traditional shopping calendar by making ShopBack Birthday the new Black Friday. The campaign offered exclusive discounts and promotions to ShopBack members during the ShopBack Birthday campaign, surpassing Black Friday sales.

Best Partnership: H&M

Utilising our cutting-edge technology, we meticulously crafted an award-winning “global + local” strategy for H&M, integrating market-level budget forecasts and Dynamic Commissioning structures. The campaign resulted in a significant increase in sales for H&M, maximising the power of our global reach and expertise.

Best Use of Content Commerce: TRENDii

We worked with TRENDii to redefine the potential of content commerce for brands with their innovative use of AI technology. TRENDii’s AI-powered platform helped brands create and distribute personalised ads to their target audiences in premium content publications. This delivered up to 3.5x return on ad spend for Cotton On.

Case Study: TRENDii & Cotton On

Best Use of Retail Media: Coles Liquor & Cashrewards

Coles Liquor and Cashrewards collaborated with us to introduce ‘The Perfect Pairing’ campaign, a ground-breaking fusion of retail media and affiliate marketing. The campaign boosted online sales for dark spirits and soft drinks from a global beverage brand, resulting in up to 258% YoY sales growth.

Case Study: Coles Liquor & Cashrewards

Most Creative Partnership: PerformID (MyAmexShop)

Together with PerformID, we launched Affiliate-led Card-Linked Offers (A-CLO™) technology in Australia to help luxury brands enter the hard-to-reach market. The technology successfully helped a global luxury brand reach a niche audience of affluent shoppers and provided near-instant cashback on luxury products, exceeding their annual target in the first 14 weeks of operation.

Why Rakuten Advertising is an award-winning affiliate network

We’re a global leader in performance marketing, with over 25 years of experience helping brands to achieve their business goals. We have a global team of experts who are passionate about helping our clients outperform.

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