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Masters of CTV: Tom Stimpfig

In this series we are celebrating the people who work with CTV every day, the Masters of CTV, sharing best practice to help you outthink and outperform.

Where do you work and what do you do?

PHD Media as Head of Video in the UK.

What role does CTV advertising play in your role?

Lots of change has happened in the AV market, but none more marked than the decline in youth viewers and the subsequent inflationary pressures in Linear TV. Over the past few years Broadcaster VOD & YouTube played important roles in delivering incremental reach (and still do), however a broader and more scaled CTV market has emerged providing opportunities for advertisers. Used properly, this media can drive incrementality offsetting some TV inflation and be comparable to Broadcaster content – professionally produced, 100% viewable etc. Its fair to say CTV is playing a larger part in my role, and clients want to understand how we can help them navigate this complex market, giving them a competitive edge. The expectation is that media agencies should be set up to do this.

What success have you had with CTV advertising?

In short, lots. It’s important to remember that success comes from setting clear KPIs and having the ability to measure them and adjust to drive continued success for future campaigns. This is the approach we take at PHD through demonstrating the cost-effective reach CTV delivers on top of Linear whilst only buying CTV from partners that are comparable to broadcast quality content – professionally produced and viewable. This means that PHD can be confident that we are measuring CTV on a like for like basis. The effectiveness this has driven for all campaigns measured to date has been strong, justifying our approach.

How have you seen client interest in CTV advertising change?

Interest has grown over the past 12 months and for most clients at PHD it forms part of our planning approach.

What are your predictions for the future of the CTV advertising industry?

CTV has long been a market talked about as an exciting opportunity, but until recently has never really been widely utilised. That has changed over 2022 and this will continue meaning CTV will see growth. There are challenges – walled gardens primarily, however new entrants will lead to increased competition and therefore innovation whilst industry led measurement (ISBAs Project Origin and C-Flight) will also help agencies to demonstrate its impact to plans, benefitting advertisers and the industry as a whole.

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