2021 Global Retail Calendar

As e-commerce adoption continues to accelerate globally, the number of retail events for brands to consider partaking in has rapidly increased.

Whether it be religious or national holidays, or retail specific events, brands and publishers need to be aware of the different shopping peaks their audiences will be leveraging.

To assist with 2021 planning, we’ve collated a list of the key 2021 retail events from across the globe.


Global Holiday Retail Events Calendar


Retail events provide an opportunity for brands to acquire new customers and engage their existing audience. Our experts have provided three key strategies for optimizing retail events to reach and convert consumers.

  1. Connect with partners who can provide insight into local markets and consumer behaviors, whether it be insights into the best media formats, or the strongest performing publisher models and promotional offers. Additionally, communicating with local publishers will provide brands with an added layer of insight.
  2. Utilize data and artificial intelligence (AI) tools like Rakuten Advertising’s Affiliate Consumer Graph to serve personalized ads based on past shopping behaviors.
  3. Have a commissioning strategy that includes multi-touch commissioning to reward all publishers who contribute to the path to purchase, as well as dynamic commissioning, which can be helpful to align publishers to your business goals and KPIs.

Rakuten Advertising is well positioned to help you get the most out of your performance marketing campaigns at home and around the globe. Ready to get started? Contact us today.

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