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Affiliate benefits for financial services

Brands in the financial services industry are spending more on digital advertising. eMarketer projects that financial services advertisers will spend £14.62 billion on digital channels overall this year, nearly double the £8.08 billion they spent in 2017.
Marketing Strategies

Optimising Affiliate Performance for Key Metrics

Over recent years advertisers in the financial service sector have pivoted their marketing strategies online. As the industry navigate this shift, advertisers are increasingly turning to the affiliate channel to reach and engage consumers throughout the sales funnel.

Audience Engine: Making personalisation and segmentation simple

We recently sat down with Kyle Fish, Lead Product Manager, Affiliate at Rakuten Advertising, to get the low-down on his team’s latest work set to revolutionise the industry, Audience Engine.

Rakuten Marketing is Now Rakuten Advertising. Here’s Why.

Rakuten Marketing has long established itself as one of the most innovative companies in ad tech and digital commerce, evolving and advancing over the past 24 years to meet the needs of our growing client base.
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Marketing Strategies

Shake up your 2023 strategy with advanced affiliate tech

For advertisers and publishers to be successful this year, they will need to change their thinking and how they run their affiliate programmes. Taylor Swift said, “this is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change.” While some see change as scary, we at Rakuten Advertising view it as an opportunity.

New Report – Evolving Channels & Customer Acquisition

Economic headwinds have struck global markets - with sky-high inflation and supply chain issues putting a strain on spending habits, shaping how consumers explore, discover and purchase. In other words, consumer shopping habits are swiftly changing. Consumers become savvier about how and what they buy when the world is in a state of flux.
Millenial marketer goes back to basics to understand cookieless tracking for affiliate
Marketing Strategies

Surviving iOS 17: Your Guide to Cookieless Tracking and Affiliate Marketing

With the upcoming iOS updates, it’s critical to grasp the profound changes affecting the affiliate marketing industry. Our experts reveal all you need to know to prepare for iOS 17 and MacOS Sonoma, including actionable insights for test scenarios. 

Rakuten Advertising named #1 Affiliate Network

Rakuten Advertising Named Best Affiliate Network by mThink for 10th  Consecutive Year, Marking a Decade as the Chosen Performance Marketing Leader.
Marketing Strategies

Smart Affiliate Commissioning Strategies

Smart commissioning strategies are changing the way advertisers engage with the affiliate channel.

Rakuten Advertising Launches New Influencer Marketing Offering

The influencer marketing landscape has changed, with more consumers turning to creators for recommendations and brands increasing their spend in the channel.

Affiliate Reporting Tools that Make Campaigns More Successful

Being able to demonstrate return-on-investment (ROI), track and report on activity is one of the first things we’re taught to do as marketers. However, it’s no longer enough to merely report on performance.
Marketing Strategies

RAIC Insights: The Importance of a Marketing Strategy for Publishers

Last month we launched A 5-Stage Blueprint for High-Performance Affiliate Marketing using insights from publishers and advertisers in the Rakuten Advertising International Collective (RAIC).  The blueprint demonstrates the importance of affiliate marketing as a strategic digital channel, and for publishers, showcases how they can add value and increase monetisation opportunities.