Rakuten Advertising Launches New Influencer Marketing Offering

The influencer marketing landscape has changed, with more consumers turning to creators for recommendations and brands increasing their spend in the channel.

This, combined with tech advancements, is driving the democratisation of content creation, with more people identifying as creators or influencers. This shifting landscape, combined with macroeconomic trends, is driving marketers to demand more measurement from campaigns and creators seeking new monetisation opportunities.

There is no denying that both influencer and affiliate marketing delivers great results, but when you combine the two, you get the best of both worlds. That’s why Rakuten Advertising is excited to announce our latest Influencer Marketing offering. We provide brands and agencies with a single solution to execute their influencer and affiliate campaigns, ensuring you have the data and measurement you need. By extending your affiliate links to creators, you can better track and optimise campaign performance, leading to stronger partnerships and increased opportunities for both parties.

When a great storyteller or content creator can directly impact sales growth, it’s a win-win for both parties. Some of the best ways to achieve this are through:

  • A full-funnel view into how influencers drive conversions throughout the consumer journey
  • Meaningful data and insights into the influencers that drive results and the messages and creative that resonate most with your audience
  • Leveraging the trust and authenticity of influencer recommendations to build lasting relationships and loyalty with new customers

Whether you’re a pro at working with influencers or dipping your toes in for the first time, we can support your brand’s goals and budget with self-serve and fully managed programmes. Our offering helps you to drive more revenue with tools that:

  • Discover relevant influencers from micro to macro that match your campaign goals
  • Launch campaigns quickly with easy-to-use and intuitive tools
  • Manage curated lists of ambassadors, customers, and employees with a quick upload
  • Communicate at scale to creators with custom workflows using email templates
  • Track and fulfil incentives, including cash, products, and electronic gift cards
  • Leverage influencer marketing experts to develop strategies, tactics and campaigns based on brand goals

Our CRO, Jeff Wender, explains: “What this offering brings is the ability to work with a breadth of influencers and content creators that directly connect creators with a consumer, build that trust, and achieves a brand’s goals and objectives.”

When you combine the trust and authenticity of influencer marketing with the measurement of affiliate, you’re going to get a powerful one-two punch. Contact us today to find out how you can combine the power of affiliate and influencer marketing.

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