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Masters of CTV: Rachel Hall

In this series we are celebrating the people who work with CTV every day, the Masters of CTV, sharing best practice to help you outthink and outperform.

Where do you work and what do you do?

I work at Publicis as Head of PMX Lift.

What role does CTV advertising play in your role?

CTV is key to what we are doing at PMX Lift. Changes in viewership have been irreversibly accelerated and we need to respond to these changes. PMX Lift are helping brands generate greater spend efficiency and rebalance reach and frequency across linear, addressable and of course, connected TV environments.

What success have you had with CTV advertising?

We’ve seen a steady growth in investment into CTV over the last 6-12 months, with clients looking to extend their linear reach and target growth audiences across big screen inventory that is professionally produced for TV.

How have you seen client interest in CTV advertising change?

Client interest has grown and evolved as adoption of CTV has increased. More clients are looking to utilise additional data points to help them better reach high-value audiences at scale across the big screen. We’re using our market leading identity solution to match connected tv devices to individuals and connect brands with household audiences.

What are your predictions for the future of the CTV advertising industry?

Consumers will go where the content is. We will continue to watch what happens to viewing across major subscription services and what impact the emergence of  ad supported alternatives have on the market. Advances in measurement from the likes of Barb, CFlight and Origin will help advertisers better plan their campaigns to maximise their marketing objectives.

I think we’ll continue to see further advancements from a measurement point of view beyond R & F as we try and better understand that not all reach, screens, platforms, or time spent is equal. Lastly, I think that we’ll continue to see brands building creative and engaging formats to match these audiences and improve overall campaign performance.

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