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Masters of CTV: Andrea Otero

In this series we are celebrating the people who work with CTV every day, the Masters of CTV, sharing best practice to help you outthink and outperform. This time Andrea Otero of Arena Media shares her expert predictions on why CTV is an essential channel to unlock the potential in your campaigns.

Andrea Otero, Arena Media

Where do you work and what do you do?  

 I work in Audiovisual Negotiation at Arena Media, part of Havas Media Group. I am part of the team in charge of negotiating our clients’ TV (linear and connected TV) and CINEMA terms and conditions.  


What role does CTV advertising play in your work?  

In Arena Media’s Audiovisual Negotiation team, since we started talking about CTV in Europe, we’ve been very aware of the relevance that this market was going to have, and the speed at which it was going to evolve, grow and develop. We have been very attentive to all the new developments that have been taking place, and we have kept a watchful eye on all the changes that have been taking place up to now, something that has helped us to position ourselves with confidence and to communicate this to advertisers in the same way. For us, CTV is already part of our clients’ TV strategy and is a way of innovating their TV campaigns.  


What success have you had with CTV advertising?

From Arena Media’s Audiovisual Negotiation team, we’ve managed to include CTV in a large part of our clients’ campaigns, accompanying the teams throughout this new process. We have helped them understand the importance of combining linear TV with Connected TV. In general, the teams have become aware of the evolution taking place in TV consumption, and are increasingly agreeing to try new products. This speed of reaction has allowed us to adapt to current viewer demand, and to be pioneers in this booming market. Our clients’ trust in Arena Media has allowed us to be at the forefront of the Spanish CTV market. 


How have you seen the interest of clients in CTV advertising change?

The reality is that at the beginning, advertisers were quite reluctant to adopt CTV. It was an unfamiliar channel and the results not proven. The rapid growth of CTV in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic, especially during lock down, coupled with a continued decline in linear TV consumption, especially in younger demographics, has helped us to make clients aware of the importance that this channel is taking on. Thanks to all the innovations that we have been sharing with the teams, today, we have managed to make CTV an essential part of the media mix, which we can rely to improve the results of many of our clients’ TV campaigns.  


What are your predictions for the future of the CTV advertising industry?

Our aim is to continue to be aware of all the changes that are taking place and the different alternatives that are emerging. It’s very difficult to predict the future of a channel like CTV, which is constantly developing and growing. It’s clear that audiences are becoming increasingly fragmented, but they remain where there is quality content. The development and progress of CTV measurement, and the joint measurement with linear TV, will allow us to improve the results obtained and will help us to increase the weight of CTV in our clients’ campaigns. In addition, all the new developments that are emerging in the channel, in terms of formats, interactivity and segmentation, will allow advertisers to adapt the message to the audiences and develop innovative strategies that will have a high impact on the visibility of their campaigns. 

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