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Engaging Audiences with Rakuten Viki

Founded in 2007, Rakuten Viki is the leading video streaming platform for Asian entertainment.  Reaching over 27 million people in more than 190 countries, Rakuten Viki enables advertisers to connect with hard-to-reach audiences via its advertising-video-on-demand (AVOD) services.  

Of the 27 million global Viki users, 14 million are in the Americas, 7 million in Asia and 6 million in Europe. These insights show how Viki’s Asian content caters to a truly global audience, reaching far beyond an Asian audience. Furthermore, 68% of all Viki users are Millennials or Gen Z, showcasing the value of Viki as a youth-orientated platform for reaching younger audiences.   

In understanding how to utilise Viki advertising opportunities and connect with hard-to-reach audiences, advertisers need first to understand the AVOD model and the Viki viewer.  

The benefits of AVOD:  

Advertising-video-on-demand (AVOD) provides consumers with free, ad-funded content. More and more consumers are turning to AVOD services because it means they can choose between a wide range of long-form content – films and TV series – without having to pay for it. The increase in streaming services (both subscription and ad-funded) means that many consumers no longer watch free-to-air or traditional TV.  

For advertisers, one of the key benefits of an AVOD platform is that it can reach consumers who don’t engage with traditional TV. And not only can advertisers reach these consumers, but they can also engage them in a relevant manner through contextual targeting. For Viki’s AVOD offering in particular, the audience is a highly engaged community of Korean Pop (K-Pop) fans. Advertisers that resonate with the Viki audience can choose pre- and mid-roll formats, ranging from 5s-30s ads. This range of formats, plus additional targeting options such as geolocation or device type, allows advertisers to engage consumers in a relevant manner.  

Reaching Millennials via Viki:  

The K-Pop phenomena has taken off in recent years, with younger audiences indulging in Korean music and drama. Viki has been at the heart of this growth, not only through the content but through the community of K-pop fans fostered.  

As mentioned, 68% of Viki users are Millennial or Gen Z, driven to the platform by the unique content on offer such as Dorama, K-drama and the musical style of K-pop. Not only do people consume content on Viki, but they also join a community of like-minded individuals.  

Viki was also one of the first video-on-demand (VOD) services to launch watch parties and boasts the unique feature of allowing watchers to create their own subtitles and contribute to content creation. Through the Viki community, more than 1billion words have been translated by members in more than 200 languages, leading Viki to secure an engagement rate with users 4x higher than its competitors. 

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