Increasing Consumer Reach Via Rakuten TV

Rakuten TV is a leading video-on-demand platform in Europe, offering a premium home entertainment portal and exclusive, free advertising-video-on-demand (AVOD) content. Audiences can watch premium Hollywood movies and programmes, local European content, and exclusive sporting documentaries through Rakuten TV.

AVOD platforms such as Rakuten TV provide an immense opportunity for brands to reach new and existing audiences. 21% of consumers in Europe stream but do not watch live TV (otherwise known as cord cutters), meaning that brands not using AVOD services are not engaging a core percentage of audiences.

The AVOD Opportunity

AVOD is still a relatively new video-on-demand service whereby consumers can watch content for free with adverts. With more people turning to streaming services over the past 18-months, brands can now complement existing TV ad strategies with AVOD.

Additionally, AVOD services provide free access to content not previously accessible to consumers. Throughout lockdown, 64% of people across Europe felt they were missing out on content. Through its AVOD offering, Rakuten TV provides access to over 100+ live streaming channels and unique content.

2021 Channel and Content Launches

So far in 2021, Rakuten TV has strengthened its partnership with Samsung TV Plus and launched over 100 new channels, including CNN and Euronews. New channels create opportunities for brands to leverage ad inventory across the enhanced portfolio, reaching a wider audience throughout Europe.

New channels now available for brands to advertise on include FilmRise, Real Stories, Timeline and the LEGOÒ channel in the UK. Additionally, enhanced programming with global media groups such as Bloomberg TV, Bloomberg Quicktake, CNNi, Euronews, Glamour, GQ, Qwest TV, Reuters, Vogue, Vanity Fair and Wired gives consumers even greater access to content.

Connecting in the Moment

Rakuten TV brings members of the home together to enjoy hours of co-viewing entertainment on the largest screen in the house. Each of these members is in a different mindset or Moment throughout the day, and understanding how the context of a Moment can enhance consumer engagement is pivotal for brands.

For example, the couple watching Sunday afternoon cartoons with the kids are in a very different mindset during that moment than when they’re watching a romcom later that evening. Understanding the context of the moment that audiences are in means brands and agencies can overlay context-driven strategies that will enhance performance and return on advertising spend.

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