New Report – Evolving Channels & Customer Acquisition

Economic headwinds have struck global markets - with sky-high inflation and supply chain issues putting a strain on spending habits, shaping how consumers explore, discover and purchase. In other words, consumer shopping habits are swiftly changing. Consumers become savvier about how and what they buy when the world is in a state of flux.

To help retailers make sense of changing shopping patterns, we partnered with InternetRetailing to produce the latest whitepaper Evolving Channels & Customer Acquisition.  The whitepaper provides a glimpse into shifting customer expectations, supported by research showcasing the latest online shopping trends from France, Germany, Australia, Brazil the UK and US.

With research suggesting that returning customers spend and transact more frequently, we look in-depth at key strategies brands are using to reengage lapsed consumers. Focused on affiliate marketing – a channel which drives a repeat purchase rate of 21% – we highlight new and innovative publisher models that support a brands’ business objective.

Additionally, we’re seeing a new reality for creating ‘new channels’ – even while third-party cookies are in decline and impacting how advertisers track activity. Brands that invest in building direct relationships with consumers will thrive. Strategies like delivering offers directly to a shopper’s phone will be an important tool for encouraging purchases in this ever-changing landscape.

“Retailers need to understand how they can use marketing tools to adjust strategies and pivot campaigns to adapt to evolving market needs.” Rakhee Jogia, International Managing Director at Rakuten Advertising said. “We believe affiliate marketing creates ideal conditions to support brands when consumers are tightening their grips on shopping budgets.”

The whitepaper features case studies from Rad Power Bikes, Harvey Nichols and WestWing, with each focused on specific approaches in enlightening the new retailing scene.

Rad Power Bikes – Scaling into new Markets Efficiently 

Low brand awareness outside of the US, has meant expanding into new territories has been an obstacle for Rad Power Bikes, a brand that specialises in high-quality and affordable electric bikes.  After joining the Rakuten Advertising network in 2021, the company was able to partner with a diverse mix of 190+ publishers in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, and the Netherlands, outperforming the benchmarked target by 71% within months of launching.  View the whitepaper to learn how Rakuten Advertising can support brands in scaling up an emerging presence in new markets.

Harvey Nichols – Using CLO and Banking to Increase Luxury Sales

Luxury department store Harvey Nichols partnered with MyAmexShopping and Shinhan Card to increase its customer base in South Korea, a region with a low Google penetration.

Harvey Nichols was promoted as the “Merchant of the Month”, allowing the brand to access local Korean marketing channels, publications and influencers. The promotion boosted sales in the region by 400-fold and tripled basket size. The partnership showcases card-linked offers (CLO) as an effective channel to support audience-based campaigns in the absence of third-party cookies. Harvey Nichols is continuing to see the affiliate channel as an opportunity to elevate brand awareness in new markets.

WestWing – Creating Tailored Partnerships

“It’s key to have someone with a deep knowledge of the specific markets, especially when you work across so many different ones,” says Valeria Alesiani, Team Lead, Global Affiliate Marketing at WestWing. Partnering with Rakuten Advertising since 2022, home and living business WestWing is now active in 11 European countries, in which the brand is looking forward to exploring innovative ways to create tailored partnerships with their publishers.

The affiliate landscape is now far more sophisticated than ever. It’s crucial that retailers understand how best to use affiliate marketing and adjust strategies to adapt to evolving consumer needs. Download our whitepaper today to uncover the vast possibilities affiliate marketing presents.

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