New & Notable Publishers: October 2022

This month, our new and notable publishers featured have cemented their presence across key Southeast Asian markets, including Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. These local publishers help advertisers reach audiences in-region, increase exposure and drive revenue. Introducing the new and notable publishers of October 2022: ACCESSTRADE, Beauty Insider and Glitz.

ACCESSTRADE Thailand | SID: 3906408 | Active Market: Thailand

ACCESSTRADE Thailand is Thailand’s largest affiliate sub-network that connects leading Thai online stores with over 60,000 local publishers. With presence in multiple markets across Southeast Asia, ACCESSTRADE gives advertisers access to local, in-market experts and a diverse partner network, from content to social media, to website owners and media buying platforms. The sub-network offers performance-based campaign opportunities for brands, has its own advertising analytics system and a real-time campaign dashboard.

Beauty Insider | SID: 3976579, 3976580 | Active Markets: Malaysia, Singapore

Beauty Insider Malaysia and Beauty Insider Singapore are leading online content publishers with a focus on beauty and personal care. The site garners a total of 3 million page views per year in Malaysia and Singapore combined. Out of those views, over 1 million come from audiences who are classified as “affluent”. Its audience mainly consists of women who love to discover new beauty brands and products.

More than 1,200 brands ranging from hair and beauty salons to cosmetic clinics have partnered with Beauty Insider. The publisher also offers a “Tried, Tested and Loved” program which invites 4,000 content creators to try and review products, forming one of the largest user beauty trial teams locally. 

Glitz | SID: 3976590, 3976588| Active Markets: Malaysia, Singapore

Glitz Malaysia and Glitz Singapore are subsidiaries of Beauty Insider and publishes content around lifestyle and entertainment, engaging in conversations with their audiences across all their digital platforms. Their media channels reach over 600,000 socially active and affluent individuals monthly. Similar to Beauty Insider, the site’s audience is made up of women who love to discover new brands and products. Brands also have access to the “Tried, Tested and Loved” program where content creators produce reviews around lifestyle and entertainment.

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