New & Notable Publishers: November 2022

This month, our new and notable publishers show brands how to form their own shopping communities, offer their products as part of employee wellbeing and benefits and create SEO-optimised Beauty content with aesthetic imagery. Introducing the new and notable publishers of November 2022: Beauty Space, Beny and BigGo.

Beauty Space | SID: 3965962 | Active Market: Australia

Beauty Space is a content site that reviews and recommends skincare, body and hair care products with an emphasis on promoting Australian-born, -owned and -made brands. Established in 2018, the site covers dedicated reviews, product roundups and informational content.

Beauty Space is unique from other content publishers as it presents SEO-optimised written content paired with high-quality, original aesthetic imagery to inspire readers to purchase. The site also presents brands in a premium environment.

Beny | SID: 3980257 | Active Market: Australia

Beny is a new employee wellbeing and benefits app for all Australian employers. Beny is expected to reach over 1 million members by the end of 2023 at a rate of 100,000 new users per month. The founders of Beny also own one of the largest privately-owned recruitment companies in Australia with $75+ million in revenue, 160+ employees and 2.4 million monthly views on LinkedIn), where the app will be promoted.

Beny also partners with recruitment organisations across Asia, the UK and the US. Beny is set to expand into these markets in 2023.

BigGo | SID: 3913163, 3977969, 3977971 | Active Markets: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore

BigGo Indonesia, BigGo Malaysia and BigGo Singapore are leading vertical price comparison and price search engines that allow users to shop with confidence. With over 16 million monthly users globally, BigGo can generate more than US$25 million Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) per month.

By partnering with BigGo, advertisers can increase brand awareness, orders and revenue, as well as building their own community and closely engage with users. Other than the countries listed above, BigGo also operates in Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Hong Kong, Mexico, Brazil, India, Australia.

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