New and Notable Publishers: July 2022

This month, our new and notable publishers focus on providing the best deals for their customers.

They allow shoppers worldwide to access a range of cashback offers, coupons and discounts, and to be part of a community. Meet the new and notable publishers of July 2022: RewardPay, Collect Offers, VoucherCodes and REVERSIBLE.

RewardPay | SID: 3704150 | Active Markets: Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, UAE, UK & Vietnam

RewardPay is a content, cashback and coupon publisher that gives customers access to exclusive offers from top brands and stores around the world. The site brings together thousands of retailers and their deals, including luxury and high-end brands. Advertisers can also work with RewardPay to connect with influencers, social media trendsetters and their audiences, further extending their reach.

Collect Offers APAC | SID: 3416193 | Active Markets: Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, UAE, UK, US & Vietnam

CollectOffers is a trusted online platform and is leading the way to discover, compare and leverage the best discounts, exclusive discount offers and daily deals. The publisher provides customers with discounts across a broad range of products, services and activities, including fashion, food, travel, gadgets, household essentials and more. Additionally, its location-based searches enable customers to identify all the local deals for boutiques, hotels, restaurants, spas and cinemas. CollectOffers currently help drive traffic and boost sales for over 5,000 brands with more than 20,000 offers.

VoucherCodes | SID: 3926256 | Active Markets: Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore & UAE

VoucherCodes provides customers with an endless list of codes and promotional offers for top-rated and high-end online brands. From fashion to travel, the site covers a myriad of products and services, from everyday necessities to luxury items with new opportunities to save. With its authentic selection of discounts local and abroad, customers turn to VoucherCodes to find the latest deals and discounts all on one platform. Brands can work with VoucherCodes to increase brand exposure and turn shoppers into buyers.

REVERSIBLE | SID: 3748803| Active Markets: Global

REVERSIBLE is a platform that collects and aggregates seasonal garments from authorised retailers and boutiques around the world. It also facilitates finding and buying beloved pieces from global fashion enthusiasts. Retailers can leverage REVERSIBLE’s inventory management, sales and customer service and access special features such as Measurable™ and Ensemble™. By partnering with REVERSIBLE, brands can reach new audiences and join a diverse community of shoppers.

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