New and Notable Publishers: April 2022

This month, our new and notable publishers put user experience first.

From coupons that are checked and updated daily, to organically bundling products to increase cart value and a reviews site that knows exactly what’s good for the customer, there’s a partner for every marketing objective. Introducing the new and notable publishers of April 2022: CouponzGuru, Particular Audience, and Similar Inc.

CouponzGuru | SID: 3927338 | Active Markets: India, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, UAE, USA

CouponzGuru is one of India’s largest coupon sites that provides up-to-date deals from brands across 6 different countries. The team checks all coupon codes daily to ensure they are valid to provide customers with an ideal user experience. With 65K unique visitors daily and more than 140K followers on Facebook, advertisers can get their brands in front of new customers and even offer exclusive coupon codes to loyal CouponzGuru audience.

Particular Audience | SID: 3535020 | Active Markets: Global

Particular Audience is a tech stack that creates AI-powered Product Bundles and makes automated Bundles available to customers. Trusted by Amazon and Walmart, Bundles help brands increase basket size by up to 60% and conversion by 102% without the use of PII or third-party cookies. Brands can leverage Particular Audience’s fully managed service – simply copy and paste a tag into the back-end of the e-commerce website and the team will take care of the rest. Advertisers on the Rakuten Affiliate Network can work with Particular Audience through the Rakuten tag and no extra integration is required. | SID: 3930795 | Active Markets: Australia is a reviews site that has reviewed 400+ connected home products and services, including TVs, Internet providers, mobile plans, smart speakers, or even Xbox or PlayStation consoles. The team test the products and services beforehand to provide customers with reviews not only to ensure something is “good” before they buy it, but if it’s good for them. Together, the team help over 2.3 million people per month navigate the complexities of purchasing connected home items. Consumer electronics and software brands can place their products or services in front of’s 250K monthly Australian readers.

Similar Inc | SID: 3535020 | Active Markets: Global

Similar Inc automates in store price policies online through its Price Beat Guarantee product. Price Beat Guarantee can generate up to 100% increase in YOY conversions, 5% increase in click through rate and 15% increase in click conversion rate for brands. Through Similar Inc, brands can also prevent cart abandonment from price-conscious shoppers, convert price-comparing customers and select products or competitors to price beat, providing customers with a seamless user experience.

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