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Unlocking the Power of Loyalty Sites in Canada: Insights on Financial Habits in 2023

Discover insights from our 2023 Canada Finance guide, revealing how loyalty sites impact financial habits, credit card usage, and more.

Transforming Compliance for Financial Services

With the pandemic accelerating interest in online banking, brands in the financial services industry are spending more on digital advertising than ever.

Publisher Spotlight: Smarter Loans

Smarter Loans (SID: 3753065) is Canada’s loan comparison website and financial directory. Launched in 2016, we currently work with over 50 of the top financial brands in Canada, including banks, credit unions and fintech companies.

Affiliate Trend Watch Panel 2023

Get exclusive insights into the latest Affiliate Trends from our panel session at DealMaker USA. Discover industry-first data, cutting-edge insights, and strategies to stay ahead of the game in affiliate marketing.

The 2023 Canada Financial Affiliate & Consumer Trends Report

To give financial advertisers in affiliate marketing a competitive edge, we surveyed 500 Canadian consumers in 2023 to discover what matters most to them when researching new financial services. Below you’ll find key insights that we discovered.
Marketing Strategies

Optimizing Affiliate Performance for Key Metrics

Over recent years advertisers in the financial service sector have pivoted their marketing strategies online. As the industry navigates this shift, advertisers are increasingly turning to the affiliate channel to reach and engage consumers throughout the sales funnel.

How To Leverage Rakuten Advertising’s Financial Dashboard to Manage and Grow Your Affiliate Program

Financial issuers must stay on top of performance trends so they can optimize their affiliate campaigns and expand their business. Having the right tools to view which partners are growing, where conversion is strongest, and what trends are emerging over time ensures that every dollar in the affiliate channel is maximized.

How the Role of Compliance Has Evolved in 2020 for Financial Advertisers

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that being versatile is important when it comes to succeeding as a digital marketer.

Optimizing Financial Affiliate Marketing Strategies During Volatility

As newcomers like neo-banks and cryptocurrency firms pave their way in the fintech world, financial brands are wondering which innovations to focus on this year and in 2023.
Marketing Strategies

Building Marketing Strategies for the Financial Industry 

This year’s boom of the fintech IPO market led companies across financial, insurance, and mortgage sectors to shift more focus towards digitizing their offers.  

US Report: Navigating 2023’s Shifting Landscape of Financial Needs

Performance marketing is the key to success in the ever-changing financial landscape. From economic changes to interest rate increases, consumers are looking for new credit cards and bank accounts as they adapt to the changing tides of the financial market.

Growing a Financial Affiliate Marketing Program with Peace of Mind

As the financial space continues to evolve with the rise of fintech and neobanking, brands are constantly on the lookout for more innovative ways to reach their customers.