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Tell us a little bit more about your company:

Smarter Loans (SID: 3753065) is Canada’s loan comparison website and financial directory. Launched in 2016, we currently work with over 50 of the top financial brands in Canada, including banks, credit unions and fintech companies. People love Smarter Loans because it lets them safely and easily discover innovative financial products and the companies behind them.

Other key categories for us are:

Loans and Credit: Personal loans, business financing, mortgages, home equity loans, auto financing, trucks, heavy equipment, farming and agriculture, motorsports, marine and boat financing, and more.

Financial services: Checking and savings accounts, insurance, investing, debt relief, saving, money management, wealth management, credit score monitoring and improvement, and more.

Business services: Business financing, accounting and invoicing solutions, e-commerce platforms, marketing and web related software, point of sale and merchant solutions, packaging solutions, vendors for lenders and much more.

In particular, our audience loves digital financial products, financial apps and ways to manage finances on the go, digitally, through their mobile device.

Can you share some results and highlights from your program?

Since launching in 2016, we now work with over 50 of Canada’s top financial brands. We are helping over 40,000 Canadians who use Smarter Loans every month make smarter financial decisions.

Our of our keys to success is our popular YouTube channel and all the video content we post on our website.

Smarter Loans was recognized as the GPS of Fintech Lending by the Toronto Star in 2019 and featured in various other publications. In 2019 Smarter Loans was also awarded “Top 25 Leaders in Lending” by the Canadian Lenders Association.

We work with thought leaders and industry experts to create the highest quality content available within our industry, including a robust video channel, written content by bestselling authors, and other innovative marketing tactics that have allowed us to grow into an industry leader in Canada.

What kinds of advertisers are you looking to partner with in our network?

We are looking for industry leading and reputable financial brands that offer products and services in a digital format. We are looking to partner with advertisers who have similar values to us and a desire to move the financial industry forward in Canada, by bringing top quality products and services, great user experience, and digital, mobile accessibility.

Why did you choose Rakuten Advertising’s Affiliate Network?

The fact that Rakuten Advertising is active in the Canadian market and trying to onboard more Canadian financial companies made this a great opportunity for us to partner with the network. We have a common goal of pushing brands to be more digital, with great tracking and reporting, which is a requirement for a strong referral partnership.

Who is your target audience?

Our audience is individuals who are in market for financial products, and we have a large business owner/entrepreneur audience. Our visitors are highly responsive to offers about financial products and financial services for both personal and commercial use. Our media kit has more details on the audience segments.

What new products/features is your company offering?

While our most popular category is for loans and credit related products, we have recently started receiving more demand for additional financial services, including insurance, investing, money transfers, saving and money management apps, and other personal financial services.

Another new category is business services for our business owner audience. This is where we help businesses understand various tools and vendors available to them, from CRMs to e-commerce platforms, hiring and HR tools, account and invoicing, point of sale solutions and much more.

If you are interested in partnering with Smarter Loans, search for SID 3753065 in the Advertiser Dashboard.