Rakuten Advertising and Rakuten Rewards Team Up to Create Personalized Rewards

An effective cash back offer that resonates can mean the difference between whether or not a shopper converts, especially during the crucial holiday shopping season.

In fact, 49% of global holiday shoppers cite a discount or a cash back offer as a major purchasing driver, according to Rakuten Advertising’s New Rules report.

That’s why Rakuten Advertising and Rakuten Rewards have joined forces to create Personalized Rewards. This exciting new collaboration will make it easier for our brand partners to create dynamic cash back offers that are more likely to drive traffic and conversions with new shoppers.

What is Personalized Rewards?

At its core, Personalized Rewards is aimed at helping affiliate marketers be even more nimble with their audience targeting, offer strategies and media placements.

This happens by marrying Rakuten Advertising’s real-time technology with the high-value audiences of Rakuten Rewards, and the option to layer in your own CRM data to further refine segmentation and targeting. 

How do shoppers and marketers benefit from the Personalized Rewards offering?

  • Shoppers will be served cash back offers that are more relevant to their interests and shopping preferences, thus increasing the likelihood that they’ll convert.
  • Marketers will be empowered to create customized offers that are more likely to resonate and attract new customers.
  • Marketers will also be able to develop richer commissioning strategies that align with specific business goals, whether that’s customer acquisition, increasing conversion rates, or driving larger basket size.

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