Spring has sprung, and with it brings two excellent new publishers to our platform. Get in touch with them to learn more about how you can develop a profitable partnership to support your spring and summer shopping campaigns.

Shoppable (SID: 227307)

Shoppable is a patented, distributed checkout API that removes the need to redirect consumers to external websites to complete purchases. Shoppable has several clients and content creators licensing their checkout technology to power ecommerce on branded websites, in content and digital campaigns like Instagram’s checkout.

Shoppable brings the cart to the consumer throughout their purchase journey. Consumers love this because Shoppable reduces the number of clicks needed to checkout. Shoppable seamlessly brings commerce to content and digital media, aiding in converting the shopper upon discovery.

Unlike other affiliates, Shoppable sends orders via a checkout/cart API versus a link-off. The transaction is processed on the brand’s backend, and the brand will collect the data as the merchant of record. There are no restrictions, but checkout/cart API is required to send orders to the advertiser. Shoppable is Looking to work with CPG, Pets, Beauty, Home, and Clothing/Apparel. Contact them today for more information.

Envolve Tech (SID: 3670870)

Envolve Tech’s A.I.-powered Virtual Shopping Assistant identifies and converts sales opportunities in customer chat channels. Their technology helps convert 20% of online chats into sales with little to no impact on customer service resources. They are a performance marketing channel that increases on-site conversions and average order value while reducing re-marketing costs.

Customers always have questions while shopping online. Envolve Tech satisfies their needs for information at the point of sale, deepening customer engagement and conversion. Plus, integration could not be easier. If you’re already set up with Rakuten Advertising’s container tag, it’s simply a case of Envolve Tech sharing their script to deploy. Note: advertisers are required to provide Envolve Tech with their content feed, and they currently only work with English-speaking websites; however, they do not work with merchants requiring specific compliance regulations, such as lending and gambling sites. There are no setup fees, no contracts, and no monthly subscriptions.

Envolve Tech takes standard network commission for every sale generated. The advertiser sets these commission rates, so everything is tracked within the network for complete transparency. Envolve Tech is for advertisers looking for a turnkey chat solution to increase on-site revenue through A.I. Talk them today for more information.

To learn more and contact these publishers, please look them up using their publisher identification number (SID) listed next to their name.