September is just one month before the start of the busiest quarter of the retail calendar. Here’s a look at several new and notable publishers on our network—be sure to reach out to them and learn more about how you can develop partnerships to support your holiday shopping campaigns.

Doddle (SID 3720315)


Doddle builds white-label technology that manages returns, collections, and ship-from-store for retailers. Doddle helps you deliver fantastic user experiences that convert visitors to customers and drive loyalty. Its platform is accessible to any advertiser who needs to accept returns or exchanges of its goods.

Doddle’s unique model allows for a $0 barrier to entry and the benefit of performance marketing competency built into its communications platform. Doddle is uniquely qualified to offer a top of market return solution without any cost to the advertiser.

Doddle is best suited to optimize the return experience of high return rate brands, so they can make the most impact in terms of experience, cost, and customer re-acquisition. Advertisers in Clothing, Accessories, Computer, Electronics, Toys, Healthy and Beauty, Hobbies, Department Stores, Gifts, Sports and Fitness as well as other miscellaneous categories will benefit from Doddle.

With various ecommerce platform extensions, integration is a breeze. Click to connect to one of Doddle’s extensions or feed simple order data through the Doddle API. From there, Doddle will work with you to optimize your US based returns experience and embed Rakuten Advertising links in pertinent return related email communications.

View an introductory video of Doddle here.

Giving Assistant (SID 2582966)

Giving Assistant

Giving Assistant is a certified B corporation rewards platform founded in 2014 to transform online shopping into a sustainable source of charitable giving.

They partner with over 3,000 brands to help Giving Assistant shoppers save money with cash back and coupon codes and give consumers the option to donate a portion of their cash back earnings to over 1.7 million nonprofits across the United States. They also provide a convenient browser button that helps users seamlessly apply coupons and make donations while they shop.

Giving Assistant’s audience includes shoppers across all verticals who are looking for a way to make a specific difference through their everyday shopping habits. They also provide their brand partners a way to increase their social responsibility efforts and reach new socially conscious consumers who want to shop from brands that share their values.

When evaluating new partnerships, Giving Assistant considers overall search volume, site rankings, available promotions and if the brand would resonate well with their audience.

Gatherr (SID 3752982)


Gatherr allows influencers to create websites to share their favorite products, brand partnerships and affiliates. They build a store, add products from Gatherr’s product catalog and they instantly go live on the influencer’s website for followers to purchase. Gatherr is looking for affiliate products to add to its product catalog.

Gatherr’s audience is typically female fashion influencers with followers from 50 to 500K, between the ages of 25 to 40. The majority of these influencers either reside in the UK or US and their followers tend to mirror this dynamic.

Gatherr splits its influencers into two types, aspirational and inspirational. Aspirational influencers are highly-revered, wealthy and tend to share higher-priced items. Inspirational influencers are more focused on sharing ideas surrounding affordable products, discounts and deals. Both create content around sharing products by way of hauls, outfit inspirations and seasonal must-haves which they feature on their personal blogs, Instagram pages or LikeToKnowIt pages. These influencers don’t just share fashion as there are many overlaps with home, beauty and children verticals.

Gatherr is a direct route for brands to access the audiences of several influencers risk-free. The influencer adds products to their store, shares the product via social media content, and brands pay commissions at conversion.

Gatherr is looking for US/UK-based brands who target female audiences between the ages of 18-40 across home, beauty and fashion verticals. Gatherr needs the brand to provide .csv / data feed / API of their product catalog.

Curious? Please watch “How does Gatherr work?” or check out an example store – @AnnieOpenshaw.

To learn more about each publisher and to contact them, please look them up using their publisher identification number (SID) listed next to their name.