New and Notable Publishers on the Rakuten Advertising Network for October 2020

Holiday deals have already begun, and now is the time to start revving up your holiday marketing plans. Here are some new and notable publishers on our network that you should consider connecting with to help achieve your fourth quarter marketing goals.

Fall is in the air!

Holiday deals have already begun, and now is the time to start revving up your holiday marketing plans. Here are some new and notable publishers on our network that you should consider connecting with to help achieve your fourth quarter marketing goals.

Times Club (SID 3668955)

Times Club is the only cash back and rewards app for the Indian community in the US that provides users direct access to offers and rewards from Indian and mainstream brands. Users link their bank with the Times Club app and receive automatic cash back as they spend, no receipts or uploads needed.

The Times Club audience is educated, affluent and tech savvy. They are typically Indian or South Asian, age 25-50 years old and are looking for cash back offers and discounts on their daily purchases.

Times Club is looking to work with brands that facilitate typical shopper purchases on a weekly basis. This includes retailers, grocery stores, gas/oil brands, restaurants chains, and consumer brands.

Boon Rewards Inc. (SID 3662794)


BOON Rewards is a Canadian publisher that builds white labeled, partner-powered loyalty programs that tap directly into VISA & MasterCard, combining effortless card linked offers with affiliate marketing and the buying power of their loyalty partners’ large consumer groups.

Reach BOON’s Network of 11.5M+ high household-income consumers segmented across various loyalty partners including RE/MAX, H&R Block, Sonnet Insurance, KOHO Financial and Canadian property management company Greenwin.

They target customers who are homeowners aged 30-59, married with children, university-educated, have a household income of over $100K, a high credit score, and are tech savvy. BOON’s partner powered loyalty programs allow merchants to target and acquire our millions of loyalty partners’ members at scale. VISA and MasterCard allow BOON to connect directly to their networks via API’s, so BOON can track customer spending with now further integration.

BOON uses actual customer spending data to help brands find their ideal customers & drives them in. BOON then automates customer retention, making sure customers get the right offer at the right time bringing them back again and again while keeping them loyal for years to come, maximizing lifetime value.

It’s seamless for consumers to use and allows merchants to only pay for offers that acquire spending customers. Advertisers can run effortless campaigns with zero technical integration, POS (point-of-sale) changes or staff training. Simply set your budget. BOON bridges the gap between digital advertising & in-store revenue.

Acorns (SID 3334114)

Acorns is a financial wellness app helping everyday Americans save and invest by empowering them to reinvest their cash back automatically through Acorns.

Acorns’ audience is 65% millennials (age 18-34), 55% male, and they have over 8 million customers.

Acorns empowers shoppers to earn money from brands and retailers when they shop. That money is then invested into the customer’s Acorns investment account.

Acorns is open to almost all verticals, but generally work with enterprise level companies or advertisers that appeal to a younger audience. Acorns generally requires a launch fee that includes a media package that is used to help market the brand on its website and mobile app.

RevLifter (SID 3430735)

RevLifter is a personalization technology publisher that specializes in delivering 1:1 content, deals, and offers to consumers in real time while they shop on a brand’s site. RevLifter’s goal is increase customer retention, average order value (AOV), and lifetime customer value.

RevLifter is a Rakuten Advertising Integrated Partner. That means advertisers with the Rakuten SPI tag installed do not need to install RevLifter’s personalization tag. Not only can RevLifter improve customer retention, average order value, and customer loyalty for a brand while the consumer is shopping on their site, it can retarget the customer with its award winning RevPage product, which is a personalized page that adapts to each shopper’s individual behavior.

RevLifter will work with all brands in all verticals. 

FlipGive (SID 3130669)

FlipGive is a digital marketing platform that uses the power of team funding to help brands win new customers and maximize lifetime value. Team funding allows an individual to create a team using either the FlipGive app or directly through, earning rewards for a common cause whenever team members shop online through one of FlipGive’s brands.  FlipGive has an audience of 400,000 members; 70% are age 35-50 and considered the “Team Mom.”

By giving back to your most valuable customers and what matters most to them, FlipGive elevates your brand, helping you stand out from the crowd while driving measurable ROI and brand goodwill. FlipGive is interested in advertisers in sports and outdoor, travel, fashion, electronics, and home verticals.

To learn more about each publisher and to contact them, please look them up using their publisher identification number (SID) listed next to their name.

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