Summer is heating up and our network continues to grow as publishers see the quality of our advertisers and the results we can deliver for them. Here’s a look at some of the new and notable publishers on the Rakuten Advertising network for July:

NMPI (SID 1452954)

NMPi by Incubeta is an international digital marketing specialist, with a heritage rooted in performance marketing. Started in 2004, NMPI has been a direct linking, paid-on-performance partner. That mindset and the technology that they use drive their innovative thinking to help businesses grow.

NMPi’s pure performance model means that they cover the cost of an advertiser’s digital campaigns and only receive payment in the form of commission when they deliver results. Their model means they’re truly incentivized to align their goals with an advertiser’s brand. Clients seek partnerships with us as they provide the budget and take the risk.

NMPi’s performance mindset has been applied to all of its services, offering strong capabilities in Paid Search, Programmatic Display, and Paid Social. They are also capable of working within any industry and country an advertiser requires!

To learn more about what they do, check out their case studies with clients such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Fanatics, and LuisaViaRoma.

Kelkoo (SID 3504489)

Kelkoo Group specializes in e-commerce advertising, connecting merchants to consumers. With over 20 years of experience in e-commerce, digital marketing and consumer intelligence, Kelkoo combines data and technology to deliver quality traffic to online shops by advertising products to millions of online users. Operating in 26 countries worldwide, Kelkoo offers a traffic acquisition solution that increases sales and visibility of online shops.

With a network of owned/operated price comparison sites and Search, Bing PLA, Deal News and Content sites, Kelkoo selects the best traffic mix according to each advertiser’s requirements and to suit performance needs, driving more quality ecommerce leads to online shops. Kelkoo is adaptable to any product category or budget size. 

Think Save Retire (SID 3707472)

Think Save Retire is more than just a personal finance blog. It’s an outlet for personally thinking about money in a goal-oriented way. They are proud to share stories and products which they believe will help their financially-focused, age 18 – 35 fans, gain freedom and control to live the lifestyle they desire. Its 40,000 followers actively seek financial brands that Think Save Retire recommends.

To learn more about each publisher and to contact them, please look them up using their publisher identification number (SID) listed next to their name.