Rakuten Advertising’s Insights and Analytics Portal Helps You Act on Trends Quickly

Identifying and acting on trends within your digital marketing channels is crucial to staying ahead in today’s hyper competitive online world.

That’s why Rakuten Advertising is excited to announce the launch of our new Insights and Analytics Portal, a free tool for all of our clients that gives them dramatically better visibility into how their affiliate, search, display, and social campaigns are performing in one easy to use location. The Insights and Analytics Portal breaks down reporting silos between affiliate and other digital marketing channels to give you a more holistic view of how your campaigns are performing.

As shopping habits continue to change rapidly, the Insights and Analytics Portal is crucial to the success of any synchronized digital marketing strategy. At its core, it empowers brands to make immensely smarter decisions by showing them the full user journey across all digital channels. This visibility makes attribution easier than ever before.

Here’s what the Insights and Analytics Portal offers:

  • Trend cards that give you all-in-one access to cross channel data: The portal shows what’s happening across all Rakuten Advertising supported channels, making it easier to see how your campaigns are doing in real time and empowering you to hone digital strategies quickly.
  • Go deeper across all channels: Get easy access to datapoints including month-to-date channel contribution to total site revenue so that you can better understand your return on advertising spend.
  • Track your progress: The portal enables you to benchmark your current progress compared to the previous week, month, or year. It also provides insights into which of your channels is driving the most revenue/visits/orders during those time frames so you can make adjustments to optimize your budget.

Why does this matter now? Shoppers are now spending more time and money online and that’s not expected to slow anytime soon. In fact, Rakuten Intelligence data showed that online sales grew by 47.3% year-over-year during the holidays. Meanwhile, Rakuten Advertising data shows that content publishers are growing their overall share of orders and clicks as shoppers actively seek out various types of content to engage with brands across multiple touchpoints.

The path to purchase is more nuanced and complex than ever before, making it crucial to identify and understand key campaign trends in real time. Rakuten Advertising remains committed to helping you better understand the consumer journey so you can optimize your program to drive more shoppers to your brand.

Learn more about the Insights and Analytics Portal by clicking here.

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