Publisher Spotlight: Student Price Card (SPC)

SPC is Canada’s largest student coalition loyalty program. For only $10 per year, students gain access to over 450 offers available in-store, online or both with their membership.

Tell us a little bit more about your company:

SPC is Canada’s largest student coalition loyalty program. For only $10 per year, students gain access to over 450 offers available in-store, online or both with their membership. Our partners range from trendy local restaurants and shops to some of Gen Z’s favorite national brands like American Eagle and Journeys. 28 years in the making, SPC has officially gone entirely digital and students will have a full 365 days to redeem great offers from date of activation.

Can you share some results and highlights from your program:

  • Our top fashion partner increased average spend by 59% simply by offering SPC members 10% off their purchase
  • SPC increases shopping frequency: 73% of student members shop more at brands that offer an SPC deal
  • SPC increases conversion: 62% of members have been introduced to a brand by SPC
  • 70% of student members choose an SPC partner that offers a deal over its competitors

What kinds of advertisers are you looking to partner with in our network?

We are looking for advertisers across categories–fashion, footwear, beauty, tech, dining, etc. that are able to offer a small evergreen deal to our closed network that has big effects on student purchase behavior.

SPC Creative

Why did you choose Rakuten Affiliate Network?

Rakuten Advertising has a vast assortment of advertisers on an intuitive and easy to use platform!

What is a fun fact about your company?

SPC started out as a coupon booklet by a student looking to be able to afford both textbooks and tuition and the on-trend styles without compromise. This student is our president and 28 years later he is still leading our innovation.

Who is your target audience?

Students! Our youngest member is 13 years of age, but our sweet spot is 18-25 years old. We focus on Gen Z and some of the younger Millennials.

What new products/features is your company offering?

  • Data-free: We’ve transitioned to a digital membership so students must present their barcode on their devices to redeem in-store but we understand that limited data plans and constant searches for free WiFi might be worrisome. Our app is accessible without internet connection and with the simple turning of your smartphone, the digital membership barcode will appear.
  • Favorites: With so many offers available on the SPC app, we’ve made it easy for students to find their go-to shopping destinations with quick click of the heart icon.
  • Auto-renewal: The cumbersome registration process has been eliminated with a click of a button! Students in their early school years can be set up to have their membership auto-renewed so there is never a need to stop the shop!
  • SPC+: Within the SPC platform is a program exclusively for our CIBCxSPC members known as SPC+. Students that open a Youth or Student banking account with CIBC get SPC for FREE! SPC+ allows them to get even deeper offers, exclusive to them!
  • Marketing: Communicating with our members is incredibly easy through new features such as in-app messages, sponsored ads, limited time offers, splash screens and push notifications!

Describe your company in one word: Savings

If you are interested in partnering with Student Price Card, search for SID 3323411 in the Advertiser Dashboard

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