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Since 2010, SaleCycle has led in affiliate collaboration, driving engagement across sectors like fashion, luxury, and telecom. Trusted globally, they innovate for brands like Vodafone and ASICS, envisioning AI, chatbots, and most recently, display retargeting with Rakuten Advertising. Reshaping affiliate marketing, SaleCycle ensures brand success. Read the entire spotlight now to hear more!

Nick Rouquette, Director of Partnerships and Ecosystem, SaleCycle

Since 2010, SaleCycle has led affiliate network collaboration, transforming advertiser engagement with its conversion marketing platform. Bridging sectors like fashion, luxury, and telecommunications, SalesCycle is trusted by global giants and medium-sized enterprises, coupling advanced technology with swift implementation and compliance.

We had the opportunity to sit down with SalesCycle’s Director of Partnerships and Ecosystems, Nick Rouquette to chat through the company’s inception to their excitement for the future. Join us as we dive into all things SaleCycle!

Tell us about SaleCycle and your offerings.

Since its inception in 2010, SaleCycle has been working with Affiliate networks to help mid-size and enterprise-level advertisers easily leverage our Conversion Marketing Platform.

SaleCycle enables brands to augment the value they get from their affiliate program by ensuring more visitors stay on the website and re-engaging them, should they leave the site. This helps brands maximize the number of conversions from intent to purchase. With the rise of inflation across the globe, people are being more judicious with their spending, making the buying decision that much more intentional. This is where SaleCycle steps in to take the buyer’s intent to buy, into an actual purchase.

With over 500 clients, SaleCycle boosts conversions and increases revenues drastically for brands that have an e-commerce presence. Over the last 13 years, SaleCycle has driven a substantial amount of incremental revenues for global leading brands in the US, UK, France, Italy, Spain, and Northern Europe. We also work with major brands in APAC across retail, fashion, luxury, travel, and hospitality as well as global brands in the telco and airline industry.

What sets you apart from publishers in your category?

Over the years we have established ourselves as the most trusted Conversion Marketing Platform empowering leading brands to transform consideration into conversion, through a combination of individualized and engaging messages.

Whilst many publishers focus on retailers, we have been driving value to advertisers in a wider range of sectors beyond retail, including fashion, luxury, airlines, travel and leisure, entertainment, ticketing, and even telecommunications. This is a great testament to our longevity, proving that our service combined with our technology can deliver value to global enterprise brands and mid-size advertisers. We don’t have a self-service offering geared towards SMBs, an area where a lot of other publishers are able to add value.

Beyond our proven technology, our entire team has earned the trust of amazing brands around the globe, from our expert technology team to our personable account team, we’ve got the level of service that brands trust. Our technology team constantly develops our platform to ensure that the technology infrastructure scales with both our, and our clients, growth. The account, design, and implementation teams turn around campaigns and changes in record time to maximize the time to value for our clients.

With our global scale comes the need to understand local brands’ requirements and operations locally. Because of the data we capture, compliance and data protection are as important to us as it is to our clients. Our ISO 27001 certification is a major factor for why these mid- and big corporations trust us to deliver great service and results, but also to ensure that meet compliance regulations, regardless of where they’re located in the world. We have an expert understanding of local laws and regulations, and our technology helps clients comply with each of them.

How do you help advertisers and brands add value and drive incrementality?

With our Conversion Marketing platform, we help advertisers to convert their hard-earned traffic into buyers. Besides boosting conversions, we impact the bottom line – the most important factor CFOs look at when it comes to assessing the impact of technology. Besides eCommerce teams boosting their conversions by 8.5% on average, SaleCycle works closely with CRM teams to convert more visitors into subscribers. This enables brands to have more newly engaged subscribers in their database which can be nurtured to generate even more revenue over time.

A great example of our success is Vodafone, a British multinational telecommunications company that has been using our technology and working with our team over the last few years. They have increased online sales across all teams, which resulted in 2,000 additional sales per month. Read more about this stellar success here.

Fashion is also a key vertical where we have been delivering great results. For example, we worked with the ASICS brands on a re-engagement campaign. Our solution via email has lifted their abandoned cart messages to an average 42% open rate, which in turn has produced a sales uplift of 3%. Performance will vary sector by sector, of course, but this is a great example of an innovative brand that trusts SaleCycle to deliver on our promise. Due to the success of our collaboration, ASICS has been using our onsite engagement solution, delivering an impressive conversion rate of 51%! 

What excites you about the affiliate marketing industry and where it’s headed? Any new innovations we’ll see from you this year? 

There has been a consistent move in the affiliate industry towards more integrations with technology partners like SaleCycle. The importance of having an ecosystem of technology partners continues to accelerate as platforms can no longer operate in silos. Affiliate leaders need to focus on making it easy for brands and advertisers to connect their technology stack to deliver robust and seamless experiences to their customers.

Technology companies have realized that connecting platforms to deliver more value for the brands is key to their success and the success of their clients. We see a lot of potential in offering other channels to our clients, one being display retargeting. Cross-channel engagement is a necessity, and we believe that display campaigns when well executed, can help a customer find the product they want when they need it.

This is even more exciting since Rakuten Advertising provides display services and solutions in addition to their existing affiliate offerings. We see even more synergies in partnering with Rakuten Advertising to deliver more value to advertisers and push the boundaries of the customer experience together.

We are excited about the prospect of leveraging AI and chatbots in other channels as we’ve seen the rise of conversational commerce over the last few years, combining customer service with additional unique marketing opportunities.

What made Rakuten Advertising stand out to SaleCycle?

Even though SaleCycle is a technology company at its core, we firmly believe that our people are our greatest asset. We have a dedicated team working with Rakuten Advertising and the quality of relationship we have developed together makes the perfect partnership opportunity. Proactivity from the Rakuten Advertising team has been an important factor in making the partnership a success since it takes two to achieve success!

Rakuten Advertising, like SaleCycle, has a global reach and works with mid-size to enterprise-level organizations which are the type of organizations we have successfully helped in driving more revenues over the last 13 years.

We have seen a lot of synergies with High-End/Luxury but also Apparel & Accessories brands who are leveraging SaleCycle technology in tandem with the Rakuten Advertising platform. Rakuten Advertising makes it easy to connect technologies together. Advertisers can easily implement the SaleCycle tag via the Rakuten Advertising Master tag, making it easy for brands to start using our technology and generate revenues quickly.

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