Publisher Spotlight: The Budget Savvy Bride

Rakuten Advertising had the honor of sitting down with the founder of Budget Savvy Bride, Jessica Bishop. Read more on how she built her exciting brand!

Budget Savvy Bride: Jessica Bishop

Tell us a little bit about you, your industry experience and what led you to creating the Budget Savvy Bride?

I’ve been promoting affiliate offers on the internet for over 10 years as a blogger and publisher. I started in 2008 while planning a wedding and put my first affiliate banner on the website in 2011.

The Budget Savvy Bride is a wedding planning resource content website that provides information and advice to couples who want to plan a beautiful wedding on an affordable budget.

In addition to content articles, we have various affiliate resources such as the Wedding Deals section which is like a mini coupon site for wedding items, a buy/sell marketplace, printable wedding invitations and other paper details, as well as shopping roundups for popular wedding items.

Our audience is primarily US-based, 85% female, 21-36 age, and they love getting a good deal. They come to us for trusted recommendations on products and services for the big day.

We partner with a variety of brands and merchants in the wedding, gifting, travel, and home space. There are so many topic angles that are relevant to weddings, from registry picks to wedding day attire, jewelry, gifts, clothes, and honeymoon travel. We love partnering with brands who offer incredible value and quality at a great price, because that’s what being savvy is all about.

What sets you apart from other publishers in your category?

The Budget Savvy Bride is the only wedding publisher that focuses on sharing true cost breakdowns for the wedding day and supplies. Our readers are shoppers, and our incredible conversion rates for our key affiliate partners are proof of that. We know the best of the best when it comes to value in weddings and we create content to highlight and share those resources with couples all across the US.

Our brand isn’t just a content website. It’s filled with tools and resources that couples can utilize as well. From downloadable checklists and printable wedding invitations, as well as a database of coupon codes for everything they’ll need for their wedding day—The Budget Savvy Bride aims to help make wedding planning more simple, savvy, and stress-free!

How do you help advertisers add value and drive incrementality?

We’ve seen huge success with several affiliate partners that we’ve worked with, running campaigns that generated huge amounts of sales in a short period of time. From offering giveaways to running targeted email campaigns, we have a variety of options to reach our wide audience.

We’re constantly looking at new features and add-ons to add more value to our readers, and have even custom built features into our website to highlight specific affiliate partners, increasing conversions by double in just a couple of months.

With the addition of our podcast in 2020, we’ve added another channel for promoting affiliate offers and have collaborated with several brands to drive additional sales via that platform using custom vanity codes for tracking conversions.

We love what we do and we love to be creative in achieving results for our brand partners.

What excites you about the affiliate marketing industry and where it’s headed?

I love that more brands are open to sharing custom vanity codes, as our audience really loves and responds to them. We’ve seen great success building curated lists of products from our affiliates but are excited to try adding more features in the future that utilize product feeds and APIs for an even more customized experience for our users.

Why did you choose to partner with Rakuten Advertising?

Several of our favorite merchant partners are part of Rakuten’s network. The caliber of brands on Rakuten is top-notch.

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