New and Notable Publishers on the Rakuten Advertising Network December 2020

Christmas is just days away. The good news? We’ve got some early presents for you to unwrap! Meet our New and Notable Publishers for December.

Christmas is just days away. The good news? We’ve got some early presents for you to unwrap! Meet our New and Notable Publishers for December.

CouponFollow (SID 585351)


CouponFollow sources the best coupons and deals for thousands of sites around the world. It claims that its cashback product, Cently, has helped consumers save millions.

CouponFollow provides top of funnel strategies through weekly newsletters to consumers looking for your brand right now. CouponFollow says demand for coupons has risen by over 400% since the COVID-19 pandemic began. They boast a reach of over 6 million unique visitors across all channels and have grown traffic by over 500% year-over-year (YoY) in the apparel, beauty, and food categories, as well as over 300% YoY for other verticals.

CouponFollow’s audience consists of savvy shoppers looking for the best deal on any given item or service. The breakdown of their audience is as follows:

  • 56% female
  • 35% under 35 years old
  • 70% from the US

CouponFollow works with advertisers in all verticals, with the exception of adult, CBD, cigarettes/vaping, and weapons. Their most popular categories are apparel, health & beauty, food delivery, home decor, and consumer tech.

All they need to get started is your site’s URL and 3 or more coupon codes. If your brand does not offer codes, they can always investigate on a case-by-case basis.

With incredible YoY growth, CouponFollow has a lot to offer both small and big business brands.

KO Media (SID: 3328066, 3795777, 3795779)

KO Media

KO Media is a publisher that produces a variety of fashion-forward magazines.

Recognized for its intelligent, inclusive, positive, inspiring, and entertaining content, ELLE Canada and ELLE Québec magazines are the fashion, beauty, culture, and society references in the country. VERO magazine is inspired by the values and interests of Veronique Cloutier, a high-profile Quebec artist and entrepreneur. Its website is an inviting world that focuses on beauty, fashion, culture, psychology, health & more.

KO Media’s audience is active women looking for trendy shopping items. Through the notoriety of their brands in both Quebec and Canada they have developed strong and engaged communities. KO Media is looking to work with beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands.

Mocha Global (SID 3629554)

Mocha Global

As an artificial intelligence -powered recommendation engine for mobile, Mocha provides incremental revenue as well as increased marketshare for Fortune 500 direct brands and agencies. Mocha partners with browsers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), apps, and telcos to capture high intent consumer searches happening outside of Google/Yahoo/Bing. This provides brands with a new stream of inventory and revenue, while Mocha’s proprietary technology allows users to navigate commerce friction-free. This year, Mocha has produced top results for their brands through their unique search supply and technology.

Audiences consist of consumers who are searching outside of search engines who are very high-intent and low-funnel ready to convert, even before search engine results page searches.

Top verticals include ecommerce, retail, travel, finance, automotive, online learning, aggregates, and lead generation. Top Fortune 1,000 brands do very well.

To learn more about each publisher and to contact them, please look them up using their publisher identification number (SID) listed next to their name.

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