2022 Travel Insights

Americans plan to travel around the country and the world this year. Despite concerns over inflation and higher fuel costs, the modern traveler plans to book trips well into 2023. In fact, 44% of travelers plan to spend more on vacations rather than downgrade the quality of their trip.

As marketers look to reach travelers in key moments of inspiration, it’s important to remember that the affiliate channel plays a critical role in a consumer’s purchase journey. Travelers are continuing to look for better deals on everything from hotels and flights to room upgrades.

To learn more about what consumers are thinking about their travel-related purchases and what industry trends are here to stay, we surveyed over 1,000 Americans about their upcoming travel plans and how they’re booking trips. Here are some of the highlights:

Americans are staying close this summer but planning further out.

Last year, marketers saw a spike in domestic travel and road trips. The trend continues as 75% of travelers plan to travel within in the U.S. over the next six months. For those traveling through October, 36% have already booked travel while another 36% are strongly considering it. By offering last-minute deals and publisher-unique incentives, advertisers can attract customers who are waiting longer to book.

Americans are looking for value this year.

Speaking of deals, travelers are looking for even more opportunities to get the most value for their dollar. As overall costs increase, 89% of travelers will seek out incentives like coupons, cash back or rewards when making travel related purchases. Another 33% of travelers are using online search results to find deals and discounts. Having core content publisher relationships in-place and leveraging a diverse publisher mix helps incentivize a wide-variety of consumers to purchase.

Social media influences generations differently.

While influencer marketing has long been on the rise, travel brands are uniquely positioned to reach target audiences on social platforms. Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X travelers claimed they primarily look on Instagram for booking inspiration. Other platforms including Facebook, TikTok and YouTube were also key sources of inspiration. Partnering with relevant creators and focusing on specific channels per demographic can help build loyalty with key audiences.

To learn more about how travelers are booking trips, download our latest report Engaging Today’s Travelers. 

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