Singles’ Day 2022 Recap

Now that Singles’ Day 2022 has come and gone, we can reflect on the click trends from across the globe. Our live data feed ran through November 12th and compared live click trends in 2022 with click trends from 2021.

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The live data feed will refresh for Cyber Week, where you can track click data for advertisers and publishers throughout the year’s biggest sale days.  

Unsurprisingly, consumer shopping slowed compared to the peak of 2021. Last year we saw increased consumer shopping and a retail rebound from the 2020 holiday shopping season, but Singles’ Day 2022 saw a decrease in clicks. Retailers are dealing with record-breaking inflation, high-interest rates, and dropping consumer demand. Despite this, there were several verticals that held strong in the US, especially those in the luxury market.  

These are the click trends we saw this Singles’ Day across our major regions: 


The click trends for 2022 were falling flat compared to 2021, but they managed to beat out 2021 numbers on actual Singles’ Day.  

  • Sales and orders were down 10% and 9% respectively YoY 
  • AOV and conversion rates were down slightly compared to 2021 

Top verticals included: 

  • Food & Drink – Clicks are significantly up YoY, orders more than doubled, and sales grew by 22% 
  • Footwear – Clicks, orders, and sales more than doubled YoY 
  • Luxury – 9% click growth, 11% increase in orders, and 4% sales increase 
  • Jewelry – 61% click growth, 13% increase in orders, and sales were slightly up YoY
  • Toys – There was 13% order and 86% sales growth YoY 


Leading into Singles’ Day, Brazil was trending up from 2021 in clicks, orders, and sales. On Singles’ Day, Brazilian advertisers did not manage to outgrow 2021 totals in clicks and orders.  

  • Clicks were down 22% YoY 
  • Overall sales increased by 14% 
  • AOV increased to 256Br.  
  • Conversion rate increased from 4.6% in 2021 to 5.8% in 2022 

Top verticals included: 

  • Auto Parts – Clicks rose by 6% YoY, and orders and sales were up by over 60% YoY 
  • Food & Drink – Clicks more than doubled in 2022, with sales and orders also increasing by more than double 
  • Footwear – Clicks more than doubled in 2022, with sales and orders also increasing by more than double 
  • Home Improvement – 65% increase in clicks, 12% increase in orders, and 3.5% increase in total sales YoY 


Overall, Canada is trending behind in their click data in 2022 compared to 2021. Important to keep in mind, Singles’ Day is still a growing shopping event in the Canadian market.  

  • Clicks were down 40% YoY
  • Orders were down 45% YoY  
  • Conversions dropped from 6% in 2022 to 5.6% in 2021 

Top verticals included: 

  • Housewares & Small Appliances – Clicks were up, 20% increase in orders, and 73% increase in sales 
  • High-End & Luxury Stores – Clicks were slightly below 2021 levels, orders were up over 50%, and sales almost doubled YoY
  • Sporting Goods – 13% increase in clicks, % increase in orders, and a 3% increase in sales 


France fared well this Singles’ Day. Clicks, orders and sales were up 43% in 2022 compared to 2021. 

  • The highest conversion rate of the week was on 11/11 at 3.5% 

Top verticals included: 

  • Apparel & Accessories – Clicks grew by 67%, orders increased by 84%, and sales increased 87%  


The German network saw success this Singles’ Day, despite having fewer clicks than in 2021. They increased orders, sales, AOV, and conversion rate. 

  • AOV was at its peak at 105 Euros
  • Conversions spiked to 6.7%
  • Sales grew by more than 60% YoY 

Top verticals included:  

  • Apparel & Accessories – Clicks were about the same as last year, orders grew by 18%, and sales grew by 63%
  • High-End & Luxury Stores – 23% increase in clicks, 11% increase in orders, and 22% increase in sales 


Some good news for the UK, orders were up YoY and clicks came close to the levels of last year.  

  • Orders were up 5% and Sales were flat YoY 
  • AOV rested at 84 Pounds 
  • Conversion was 4.4%, which was up YoY from 3.9% in 2021 

Top verticals included: 

  • Apparel & Accessories – Clicks were at the same level as in 2021, 4% increase in orders, and 10% increase in sales 
  • Beauty & Personal Care – Clicks were up by 13%, orders increased by 26%, and sales increased 23%  
  • Department Stores – Clicks were below 2021, but orders increased by almost 30%, and sales grew by over 50% YoY 
  • Home Improvement – Clicks doubled in 2022 and orders rose by 50% 
  • Sporting Goods – Clicks were up 8%, orders increased by 19%, and sales grew by more than a 22% 

While these data points show a decrease in most KPIs year over year, it is important to remember that Singles’ Day is still a relatively new shopping holiday for many regions and many American retailers do not participate in sales. There were high points, especially if you’re in the luxury market, where consumers are still shopping for luxury items regardless of price point.  

Retailers will have to work harder this year to secure the same number of shoppers as in years past, ensuring messaging resonates and publisher partners match. With clicks down in 2022, it shows that consumers are doing less “window shopping” than in prior years, so it’s important to capture your audience and get them to convert with relevant ads and promotions.  

To keep up with the Black Friday and Cyber Monday click trends, bookmark the 2022 Cyber Week Insights page and check back regularly for live refreshed data from our advertiser and publisher partners.  

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