We have recently collaborated with the IAB Europe – the European-level association for the digital marketing and advertising ecosystem – on its new guide ‘The Programmatic CTV Opportunity in Europe’.

The IAB Europe Guide to the Programmatic CTV Opportunity in Europe

In this guide, the IAB Europe explores the growing demand for connected TV (CTV) across Europe, driven largely in recent months by the global COVID-19 pandemic. It aims to help planners and buyers of media understand and navigate how CTV can operate programmatically.

The European Connected TV (CTV) market has skyrocketed in recent years. It now presents a huge opportunity for advertisers to reach engaged audiences with the right message. In this guide, IAB Europe, our experts and the other editors explore the advantages of CTV and its advertising opportunities compared to linear TV, which is gradually being abandoned by viewers in favour of streaming, VOD and AVOD channels.

As members of the IAB Europe’s Programmatic Trading Committee, three of our media experts, Giovina Di Tonno, Director Business Development Italy and Spain, Gregor Fellner, Director Business Development DA-C-H, and Bart Sieswerda, Director Business Development Benelux and Nordics at Rakuten Advertising have contributed their insights to this guide. Our team explain the various inventory purchasing options available to brands and the importance of the context and quality of integrating brand content on the platform.

You can download the IAB Europe guide here.

Seizing advertising opportunities on Rakuten TV

Through Rakuten TV, Europe’s leading video-on-demand platform, we offer programmatic opportunities on CTV. Rakuten TV brings original content, rolling news, and video streaming to the biggest screen in the house, giving brands a plethora of ‘Moments’ to connect within while audiences are highly engaged. Importantly, for advertisers, 45m remote controls across Europe include a dedicated Rakuten TV, meaning these Moments are just a single click away for the viewer – and your advertising is too.

This concept of Moments is explained in more detail in our latest guide “Connecting in the Moment: A guide to key media ‘Moments’ and how advertisers can use them”.

To find out more about CTV, you can download the latest IAB Europe guide.

To find out more about advertising opportunities via Rakuten TV, you can download our ‘Connecting in the Moment guide or contact us here.