Q1 Affiliate Product Updates

Rakuten Advertising has released some exciting affiliate product updates throughout Q1 to enhance visibility and performance for both advertisers and publishers. Today we explore the benefits of our newly released affiliate products and updates.

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Subnetwork Transparency

Subnetwork Transparency reporting offers greater control to brands over their marketing spend and greater insight into what drives performance for brands.

Delivering key performance indicators across leading subnetworks, Subnetwork Transparency enables advertisers and publisher to understand campaigns better, resulting in greater optimisations and stronger partnerships.

Through Subnetwork Transparency, advertisers and publishers can now view:

  • The quality of traffic driven to site
  • Which publisher drive higher value customers
  • Where brands should use their ad spend to optimise their publisher strategy better and drive additional sales

Insights and Analytics Portal

The Insights and Analytics Portal (IAP) is Rakuten Advertising’s unified reporting, insights and analytics solution. Available with on-demand access, the portal consolidates a brand’s disparate digital marketing channel data into one place.

IAP delivers transparent, actionable cross-channel insights that optimise efficiency and drive performance across a brand’s digital ecosystem.

The Annotation functionality within IAP is a unique tool allowing brands to add or view annotations to trend reports. Visible to all users within the brands Business Group, users can add, view and reply to annotations within IAP, reducing the need to add notes to spreadsheets and improving the analysis experience. 

Developer Portal

Publishers can leverage Rakuten Advertising’s Developer Portal to elevate their strategy and improve the efficiency in which they partner with advertisers. Developer Portal enables publishers to tailor the shopping experience for consumers with personalised offers using real-time data access and the ability to automate processes and streamline program management with advertisers.

Apple iOS 14.5

Apple is due to release its iOS 14.5 update, including the mandatory adherence to the App Tracking Transparency framework. The framework means that all app developers across the Apple portfolio will need a user’s permission to track their activity across other apps and websites.

Following the earlier iOS 14 updates, Apple’s device ID (IDFA) is only available to app developers after a user consents to being tracked. While Rakuten Advertising doesn’t use IDFA to track conversions, many of the 3rd party mobile measurements platforms that we partner with are working on IDFA compliance to ensure they can continue tracking in-app performance for advertisers and publishers.

For more information about Rakuten Advertising affiliate product releases and updates, reach out to your account representative or subscribe to our blog.

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